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Avenue: A

by The Paxtons

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The Paxtons' new album Avenue: A is part one of a four-part series composed of all new original music with production from Hayling, Urban Legendz, and The Paxtons, Avenue: A features guests GLC & Sincere DaVinci.


released September 6, 2011

Executive Producers: The Paxtons, J. Garr & Daryl Garrett.
Creative Direction: Team Paxtons.
Art Direction: Dave of The Paxtons for Gold Standard Creative.
Photography: Vanache. Puma & Skinny Tim


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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Track Name: Grow Up
[Chris] I don't know if ever I'll stop playing and grow up. I know a nigga bad. Just imagine if I blow up. Quite the familiar tune. Not some shit that I just wrote up. All around the world same song hope they show up. Sold out shows, suites, paper, hoes, roll up. Blowin out smoke, backs, tires, doin donuts. Live fast. Die young at heart never slow up. Stories for the kids and they kids when they grow up. Tellin em about the wild shit we did back in 01. Story of my life not some shit that I just wrote up. Funny even now as I jot down and po' up, hoping the shit I wrote’ll be the story of my come up. I wonder if I live it how I seen it 'fore I woke up. Eyes wide shut. Still dreamin. Yup. So what. Denying the inevitable disappointment but, hold up. Failure's not an option. I promised my people so much. Banking on the future since I'm struck in the present. Still attached to the past holding on to my investments. Potential was the only thing I had to bet with. Tomorrow’s on the table just to call against the big chips. Shootin for the stars. What's the odds that I hit a lick. Told mama college was the fallback so fall back. Flew away from home and promised I'd never crawl back. But the question is, when get done with all that... Would you do it all over? Or play the crib like a fuckin victrola? Damn. Now aint that some shit for ya? To wake that ass up and I aint talkin bout Folgers. The type of shit to catch up with you nights you aint sober. Would you trade moments with fam who are no longer here for a chance to chase a little longer, a dream it seems you deferred yo student loans for? You know the facade but you don't understand homeboy... This mog could pull a Kanye and go nuts. But he don't have that luxury cuz don't nobody know us. Damn. Don't nobody know us.

[Dave] Stared at his picture, took a last drink of liquor. And I’m the spitting image on his last day living. Funny thing is bout the last eight minutes, I was praying God take him cuz that lab aint living. Knew it’d be the last on my last day to visit. daddy heart barely beating, last thing was his liver. Spirit in the air, I aint shed a single tear til I made it to the wake and seen his last name printed. Mine right in front of it. Mind on some other shit. Last of his litter so my mind set on running shit. Boy meets world, no girl on my arm and corey father made it so I’m feeling like sean. Swore I had property in Philly like Shawn, cuz i’m in and out they city like I’m in and out they jawns. Been feeling all skitish like an intermission song. Put me on intermission, need an intervention called. I aint really dealt with it since my nigga been gone so I’m tryna fill that hole filling holes on these broads. Do I even feel these hoes? Hell naw! So its Philly for the night, new york city in the morning. She told me I was running from my problems. But I don’t think confronting em gone solve it. And I don’t even trust her since we parted so I can’t even muthafuckin call it. X’s and O’s turn to exes and hoes so pardon if you feel some way about me feeling on guard.. You slid to that nigga just to spite me and we both know you’ll never find another nigga lile mie. And you don’t know if ever I’ll stop playing and grow up. She know a nigga bad, just imagine when I blow up. Just imagine when I blow up, but what’s a fucking grammy when my daddy can’t show up? Cousin in a gravie and his daddy is a smoker, aunt died starving on the bathroom floor, and my mama pressure high cuz the family is tore up. I’m tryna be a man, just imagine when I blow up.
Track Name: I'm Goin'
[Chorus] Its a lot of girls coming out to my shows. But you the only one I chose. Gotta let me know if you’re here to stay. I’m tryna take it slow, but I just can’t wait. So baby I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going. Baby I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m gone. So baby I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going. Baby I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m gone.

[Dave] Coolest man alive til this cutie caught my eye. Walk of shame and shame the devil, tell the truth, I can not lie, that her presence in my sheets and her essence on the covers so I left up out them streets and introduced her to my mother. Met her right outside my show but I closed at J. Cole’s. Just spare my ex the details, you could say that I’m chose. Spent a month out on the road, Cali weather, weed rolled. We too cool for the skyping so it’s hours on the phone. Man the girls look good and the rap game pays me, so girls gon be girls but I never let em phase me. Blogs gon be blogs, they aint always gon be playing me. Hope you in it for the long haul to paraphrase me. Been a few nights I aint spend where I say I be. Been a fool twice, men aint the only players g. Fools rush in, but its hard being patient, either third time’s a charm or a pattern like paisley.

[Chris] Fresh off a stage out in philly, and I'm staying in yo city, grease stay off on that west side and you stay in center city, so let's say you the one I'm checking for. I aint never ran game, you could check the score, in PYT with a pyt, let me grab this check then I'm good to go. Of course beautiful women come out to each and every show. But I caught the vibe you was sending from the second row. Hands full couldn't hold it so I had to let you know. I put it in the pocket like the timing on that drum roll. Slick talkin? Nah, thas just my ism cuz I'm from the Go. Where you from? I thought I heard an accent when you spoke. Yeah that's it, that's DC, is that MoCo, is that PG, uptown girl, 18th street, allow me to speak freely. A thirsty lame I'll never be. I'm really just makin convo. But send up the session and sweetie no question, you manifest it I gotta go. Look lady, no pressure. Just asking a question, answer and let a young scholar know. I'll hop up out that window but exactly, what am I falling for?
Track Name: Five Dollars featuring Sincere DaVinci
[Chris] Niggas talkin loud but they aint said shit. I aint never did nothing but praise God and my clique. I'm just puffing on my loud, breaking bread, hitting licks. Breaking bread, hitting licks. Breaking bread, hitting licks. Just a habit when I step up in the kitchen. Table manners in the presence of these women. Table manners? Who the fuck am I kidding? I'm a savage when I'm eating competition. Automatic when I'm at it. Rock mics no Scottie. No Gladys. Yall niggas aint Pippen. I done had it with these bitch ass niggas gettin all up in their feelings for a little attention. Did I mention, if its tension, I'm a pull it on tracks... Extension. On my pimp shit. I'ma pull it. Throw it back. I been hit. More fish like Ghost. Get face. Get ghost. Thats tears for the hoes but cheers when I toast to the assholes in here. Here's to the host that's Sincere. That nigga will make your scene skip. So stick to the script or get a full clip. Better keep it on disc or your whole flick could just end here. Yeah we in here. I don't goon too much but I'm endeared... to the hearts and the minds of the people so peep how the young man from the Go, IL... walk through the hood with no fear. What's that? Ok then. No Pill. No smiles. Lips sealed when I'm out. Just a colon and an X for your mouth bitch. No pills. Like Bun's next joint, I'm 4 Trill. Yall mogs got on with no skill. Yeah right. Yall rappers aint trappin. I'm bettin ya blow deal's when you trickin your advance and your projects trash and your sound scan numbers is old Gil. Yall mogs aint really said shit.

[Sincere] I'm the heart of the regime, I'm the balls of the brigade, pause. Niggas wanna test the squad them bullets they get sprayed off. Everybody gangsta grillin, homie what the drama for? Cop the lawyer with the same motives I cock the llama for. Bandwagon is almost full, last call, all aboard. Always in some beef, what you expect less from a carnivore? I'm bout it. Come and see me if you wanting all the facts. Matter fact, scrap yo tracks, all them old artifacts. You aint got the heart to clap stop laying down lies on these bars and wax, I'm in these streets. Spitting sixteens way before I heard a rap. Songs, you know hot as shit, and the flow be cold as fuck. If you don’t know me by now well homie you should know this much. If she say she had me in the past, I dont know this smut. I aint got no enemies cuz I dead them before the grow to such. So you gon have to notice us, cuz everywhere we go the hoes they notice us, we dont make it rain in the strip club they throw dough at us.

[Dave] They stole it, I rented it, then vogued it then tinted it. Then poed, then blowed, then drove slow thru yo tenement, slow as a life on ritalin. Clothes is Alife on Rivington. Flow is alike no one or unh you might find one but I bet he aint quite as riveting. Naw, aint many worth mentioning in the same vein. Gotta nice ring to it... Dwayne Wade. Lens snap on a nigga... Dwayne Wayne. Stay superman high... Dean Cain man. On a island boss, de plane plane. Turn the sirens off, on fire, or fine, or fly or die bitch bang (bitch bang bang) My eyes low, and that weed stankin. I'm fly joe and yo seats taken and she's taken if cee take it, mile high be the limit, nigga seats vacant. Shall I speed up in it, no cee stained it. No sleep to Brooklyn, cheesecake it. See I don't need Juniors, and we don't need rumors so ima slow it down no speed racer. No freestyles, no cliches, no cheap virals, no leak trailers. No free favors, no fee waivers, no free features, no lease laters. No switch siders, no dick ryders, no dick liars, no seed chasers. No games, no lames, mo fame, mo change, mo planes, champagne, mo weed papers.
Track Name: Hanging
[Dave] Too many niggas died by hanging for me to die by banging, good point. Maybe if you let me die on a hanger I wouldn’t be terrorizing the neighbors, good choice. Fuck school, too many in one classroom. I’d rather be hitting licks in the bathroom. Mama boyfriend said he’ll be back soon. Never did so this work gon flip. Now the folks got work and my mama check short. Say a prayer for the mothers of the niggas I’ve smoked, and the smokers of the rock and the snorters of the blow. Til the world blow up, this is all I know. This is all I know. This is all I know. This is all I know. Go.

[Chorus] Sometimes its seems to me that I, I must’ve born hanging out. And I must’ve been conceived hanging out. And I probably incubated hanging out. And I know I’m gonna die by hanging. And I know I’m gonna die by hanging. And I know I’m gonna die by hanging. And I know I’m gonna die by hanging.

[Dave] So we hang by a string on the same light fixture and chain that swings in the same old closet we hang our things; our jeans, our worst nightmares, our dreams. See, I could die by hanging. Air slowly leak while I’m strangling. Airs on my feet while I’m swanging. Dead on that street where they raised him. And I’ll do it all again, for a chance at a whip, or a chain, or a brand. When I’m gone another lil nigga become a man on the white folks land, yeah thats that slave shit. Damn thats the same shit. Damn thats the same shit. Damn thats the same shit. Damn.

[Chris] Push a nigga and I'm swinging. Pull it and I'm banging. Ten toes down til my timbs is dangling. Hanging from a telephone line on Sangamon. The game has been the only thing a nigga was raised up in. So it aint a thang for a nigga to raise up and pull that Nina out and let that motherfucker rang. And if I let her sang, a nigga gon hang. Strange fruit, blood at the leaves, blood at the root, blood all on the tree of my Timberland boot. Fuck em, I'll cop another pair, might cop two. Damn shame how many pair a nigga ran through. Not a shooter but a nigga gotta move how he move to keep from gettin cornered by the blocks and the corners that we outchea running. Yeah, we running whether from or to. So choose. You a goner or you gunning. Either way I'm the nigga on your nighttime news.

[Chris] Wish the world would leave me alone, let me zone out in my head, come on let's roll. Let’s roll. Let’s roll. Let’s roll. Oh lady don't blow my high. Especially when you don't know my life. Don't know my life. So don't blow my high. Don't blow my high. Don't blow my high. 3x
Track Name: Everybody's A Star
[Dave] Devil on my shoulder, nights we aint sober. We save sleep for flights and layovers. Daydreams of nights I stayed over, piped with no trojans. Imagine if she kept that kid like Hangover, boy thats game over. Nineteen, made two kids and aint vote yet. My girl leery of my shifty past, while them hoes still waiting for my sister’s pass. And my world still scary, this Christmas past, lost sleep praying that my mama’s sickness pass. Week later heard my tape got the net on smash, but them downloads free, no Christmas cash. Coming down those streets where projects and brownstones meet, where progress and pride don’t eat. Where the white so high, and the brown so cheap that the blacks gotta hustle when the ends don’t meet. So the ladies gotta juggle if them kids gon eat, cuz the chance its a man in the crib so bleak, and they chance can’t advance if the men don’t lead by example. My hands is full, I can’t preach.

[Chorus] Feet to the floor, head to the ceiling. The allure aint never been this appealing. The applause from everyone in the building. The awards, the accolades, the feeling. I wish I could give em that, but my people out here aint living that. I wish I could give em that, when I make it I swear I’ma give it back.

[Chris] Just got a check money burnin in my pocket. Sure, Jesus saves but the devil wears prada. Laced em hit the pavement chasing that mighty dollar. We all had dreams with nightmares to follow. Mine was so vivid like I lived it wit my eyes closed. Everybody scream! Make me wanna holla. I'm Standin on Sinai speakin to my Father. Oh Father forgive em they don't even see the problems. Everybody leads nobody left to follow. Everybody Chief. No more Moses and Martins. Throwing down signs never made it to the promised. Land of the Lost we travel on Yokohamas. Beatin down the block tryna wake the sleepin monsters. Dreamin of bein Nino Brown or OG Bobby Johnson. Praying please don't wake him. He playing Kareem Akbar. Product of the product he peddled to be a rock star.

[Bridge] The writings on the wall. If everybody’s a star, the sky’s gon fall.

[Dave] And when that space fall from the sky at he rate water fall from the eye, change pace. [Chris] And turn marathon to a race. Leave goodyears on the last two years for the chase. Take shots to bring in the new year. Miss a star, hit an angel, it cries two tears. Snow flakes fall, push tons round here. Still the streets never clear, tread light for the fear of slipping but never trip. Its simple just stay aware. Don’t appear to be on edge, don’t communicate fear and respect of your peers is a must. Only in God we trust, what it is cuz we live for the buck.

[Dave] Would you do it all over? Or play the crib like a fucking victrola. Good gig, five figure withholding. Save every little penny like Wilona. Nah! We blew em in Arizona. Through waiting on false ass promoters. For this music a nigga was nearly homeless, tomorrow aint promised I cherish it for the moment.
Track Name: Curtain Call featuring GLC
[Chris] Curtains close on a chapter before we know it. Set the stage for that next shit let's go... What you on jo, What you on? I'm under the act of that next shit for the moment. Ask forgiveness, not permission, jo we goin. Live out this chapter. The next ones atonement. Holdin on to my integrity while getting on. Shit. Dog eat dog world. Where the fuck you think I'm from, bitch? I am not a martian, Chicago is where my home is. Lords on the 7 over east I aint mess with. Terrortown stones shot folks on Essex. Warring on the 9. I'm livin on 82nd. My block was quieter than most. What a blessing. 83rd to the 9, Yates back to Jeffery. I'm in the middle of it really you shouldn't expect shit. In this world not of it though. Now that's perspective.

[Dave] I ain’t worried ‘bout dying, all dogs go to heaven. Last night I had a dream, shots hit me on the 7. Found the shooter on the 9 with that AK47, then them looters started riots. Made the news by 11. Set the city on fire, one way or the next homie. I’m sick and tired of getting skinny while they slept on me. Them dick riders disappear when it falls down. They say the prophet is a martyr in his hometown. The profit margins we pocket from shows getting slimmer, while promoters profit from pimping and we the hoes now. They pardoning politicians to give ‘em shows now. Olympics pass on the city, cant fix them roads now. The Bulls winning, but these niggas still bullshitting, kids killing kids over J’s and a Bulls fitted. Still gave them kids like 26 years over Derrion killing but my heart still here.

[GLC] I correspond this ism is of a don. This pimping magic I’m only missing the wand. The cheerleaders, I see ‘em twirling batons, when they see me running game they aim to cheer me on. Cuz I’m b-b-b-b-bad, bad to the bone and they n-n-never had real pimp before. I control they mind, I embrace they soul. Its a cold world, but it aint that cold. True hustler, cruise like blues brothers. Not guilty of what they accuse us of. Wake up everyday, new struggles. Tryna avoid the old and new troubles. Gas high as hell, the caddy take premium. Hoes tryna hit me on bbm [church!] Manifest, they asking me to sleep with them. [ism!] After I smash, I’m back out on the streets again. [cathedral!]
Track Name: No Easy Way featuring Puma
[Puma] Everyday’s a party, when its money to be made. But in the meantime, gimme the green, light up the j. Cuz its sink or swim, hustle or die. Sink or swim, hustle or die.

[Dave] Ok my mama proud, my girl love me, my daddy gone, he high above me. My kush loud, my sky sunny, my pain gone, no I aint running. Now what these niggas gon do with me. See my school cost two-fifty. Brought no silver spoons with me. Elephant in the room with me. Twenty five in my rearview, thirty off in that clear view. Hundred on the dash, all these obstacles to steer through. I’ll get there when I show up. Party til we tore up. Hope you’ll still be there waiting for me when I grow up.

[Chris] Long nights cold days tryna make my way. I just wanna blow trouble away. Lemme light my j. Hold on baby sun gon shine, God willin if the creek don't rise. Long nights cold days tryna make my way. I just wanna blow trouble away. Lemme light my j. Hold on baby sun gon shine, God willing if the creek don't rise.

[Puma] Everyday’s a party, when its money to be made. But in the meantime, gimme the green, light up the j. [Just fill my cup] Cuz its sink or swim, hustle or die. [And there’s no easy way] Sink or swim, hustle or die. [And there’s no easy way] Sink or swim, hustle or die. [And there’s no easy way] Sink or swim, hustle or die. [And there’s no easy way]