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by The Paxtons

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released January 24, 2012

Executive Producers: The Paxtons, J. Garr & Daryl Garrett. Creative Direction: Team Paxtons. Art Direction: Dave of The Paxtons for Gold Standard Creative. Photography: Skinny Tim


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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Track Name: Lil Bit of Livin'
[Chris] With the right lighting we can make poor look decadent. Beautiful music, sticky green, this is a testament. The joint sparked, shorty put that good shit in the air. Admire what she wear, tell her everything. If she ever been, she aint never been sent in such fashion. The passion in which my pimpin is established got her suddenly feenin to have her everything ravaged. Yeah, she love the fabric from which a trill nigga is cut. She wanna fellowship and kick it with us. She attractive and she active so thats certainly a plus. This is church charlie, lift em up. Swerved as I lit it up. Sike nah, curb service pick em up. Just observe as I send it up, the life now is undeserved still I gotta live it up. Pipe down til the point the neighbors overheard, my word. Isn’t this a rush? Now twist it up.

[Chorus] It’s just a lil bit of livin’. Its just a lil bit of livin’. Its just a lil bit of livin’. Just a lil, just a lil bit of livin’. It’s just a lil bit of livin’. Not too much, just a lil bit of livin’. It’s just a lil bit of livin’. It’s just a lil bit.

[Dave] The rent high but the lifes good, the rent high but the lifes good. Reside high on
Brooklyn skyline , white zinfadel smell. They baghdad bad, the infidels living well. Coach clutch, choked up like Latrell. Rims keep spinning i reinvented the wheel. Pardon the garden I swear im hard in my own mind, beard James Harden. Jab lames harder than a clothesline, Yeezy taught me well. Wash niggas and dry em on the clothesline, shirt YSL. Invitation to the tail. High as Norman Connors starship, might as well. Cee said get face, get ghost, supreme clientele. I dont know if she know what that just might entail. Pardon me if we blow while you chief and inhale, Im a star and my weed is premium as well. No margin for error, our era dead or in jail. So raise a glass if ya night goin swell.
Track Name: She Know
[Dave] I'm outchea, we outchea, she solo and that couch clear. That Polo caught her eye, Club Monacos rolled when I walked by. Vision of the scene inside my mind so I know she seen when her friend said hi. Bushwick ha? Oh u from dubai? Well I'm from Chitown but I live in Bedstuy. Pimpin told me throw em all on the wall, manifest what stick, marinate what fall. Don't chase one chick, walk down get em all, but her dress so sick and her heels so tall. But she going, she going, ol girl on the couch so lonely. So I tell her stop being so rude and introduce me to your homie. Numbers exchanged, she already know ima know her frame. It don't really matter what manner I aim, maintain my mack I aint never been a lame. So she embrace my concept, we could leave I aint tryna go home yet. She stay four blocks away, but her homegirl drove so the night aint done yet. [Chris] The going rate high and her inhibition low. Pay attention lil pimpin that's just how the game go. We just wanna live life, chill, fuck, drink, smoke. Pay attention lil pimpin that's just how the game go.

[Chorus] She know what I'm on. Its written all over her face. She know what I'm on. So let me cut right to the chase.

[Chris] Ok, she know what I’m on, no question. We ain’t even gotta talk about sexing. That’s in poor taste, just cut to the chase, commence to manifesting at the proper time and place. Lets wait and make sure that the deck sent so far up that we fall up. She knowing she about to get balled up. Right off jump, she awestruck. I’m about to be the nigga that she call up. If I beat that, will she tweet that? Let me see, that could have the game just all fucked up. Still I’ma stain. Yeah I macked. So what. Watch these hoes just want what she cuff. That raise my pimpin status up. Every chick I hit be bad as fuck. Them drinks poured, them trees rolled, baby its a lot of things you could do. And she goin, and she goin, baby its a lot of girls I could choose. If she on what we on, baby tell her all the things you would do. I’m outchea, we outchea, I’m knowing this a good move. The going rate high and her inhibition low. Pay attention lil pimpin that's just how the game go. We just wanna live life, chill, fuck, drink, smoke. Pay attention lil pimpin that's just how the game go.
Track Name: F**k Friends
[Chris] Close friends, fuck homies, buddies, lovers, no matter, whatever you call it, its only a matter of time, til its fuck friends I don’t wanna be just homies, you’re my only and I want you to be only mine. 3x

[Dave] I won't bout shit this morning. Aint a damn thing changed this evening. Its a goddamn shame she leaving, she decent, we recent. Been through it all before she seasoned, lil salt but it is what it is. Aint what she thought, but the sad thing is caught me at a bad time so it wasn't her fault. Good hands so her feelings got caught, shoulda ran when her feelings got caught. Couldn't handle a one night stand turned to long term plans so them feelings got fought. Put that on the pimpin I been taught. This a bad decision to keep going. But the sex so good for the moment, and she know I know she know it.

[Chris] All I wanna do is take a look at what you got under ya dress, relieve a little stress. Baby what is that, Vicky? Hush hush, god bless. Just brush that dirt up off your shoulder, yes. That sweat won’t dry, you hot, my my. My thoughts on fire, whats on your mind? Just one more time, fore we close that door. On the floor, my socks, your drawers, want more? Damn you fine. Take my time. Young moon, young man, my hand, your spine. Lets shake these signs, get up out these streets, play barefoot footsie between my sheets. Discreet outside, indoors dont hide. The night was young, but its aging fast. Let me taste your tongue, palm that ass, I’ma give you what you want you aint even gotta ask.

[Refrain] You aint even gotta ask. Might be the first, but it wont be the last. 2x

[Dave] Now I’m all fucked up. The thoughts in my mind, reminding me of the time that we last broke up. Were you right? Shonuff, all I wanted was the sex. And we built our trust on lust. I bet that yes you said that night in bed, meant more in your heart than it did in your head. But we tested it out, fleshed that out. Locked lust inside hoping love crawled out. And truth be told, I miss them days. Waking and baking, the headboard shaking, change wet sheets everyday like its nathan. I took your best and you got mine too. But we was our best when the shit felt new. At the end of the night, one thing’s true. If pussy is a drug then dick is too.
Track Name: Stay In Love featuring Ohboi! Niyre
[Dave] Last tape was iconic, rent late but I got it. No stress cuz my folk blessed me with a whole mess of that chronic. Tree trunk of that sweet skunk, never go night night don't sleep much. I grind hard get quite scarred, white russian that die hard. My god, why the rent so high, girls so cold, so the pimp won't die. Allumn goin when the temp go high, allumn know my chick so I just rotate, yes rotate, no thirst, I don't chase. That's no good I'm so good, I'm so chose, I'm so straight. Praise on high, but the papes still low, popped but its press everywhere I go. Gear lowkey but I stay in ‘Lo, when I'm low on cake, I stay indoors. No shame, that's no shame, Dave been around the world with no name. I miss my city but I love my life, when I'm in this city, that's why I'm tryna...

[Chorus] Stay in love with you all summer. I want to fall in love with you, I just want to stay in love with you.

[Chris] So look, lets make it happen. I’m forever maxing out on whatever you got to offer, I’ll give you my best. But, whatever happens I promise I’m never tapping out I’ll bring it to the altar and leave it to the ref. Let em call it, no one else. You the only one I got. So I love you to the death put God above you, no one else. Fuck the average let em have it. I promise for you my standards will insure I never perish. Long as I got you, what matters? Not a damn thing else, my love is life itself. I enjoy it to the fullest, until I’m pushing tulips. I kiss the sky and enjoy the ride, the ups and downs we take in stride. Take a good look at my life and understand exactly how I stay...

[Refrain] Though every day’s a challenge, we always seem to manage, I just want to stay in love with you. Never any satisfaction, cuz you never know what happens, I just want to stay in love with you.

[Dave] Rooftop visions of the skyline sipping on that double o seven. Sun to the east, finna come up on seven, tell them young broads peace. Nigga stumbled out the club, homie tab was a lease.
Park was a movie then we parked the caprice. Pants cuff rolled, too sharp for a crease. Niggas act the same, but its hard being me. Its easy to be a lame but its hard being g's. Put that on my last initial, that's worth a stack. Put that on my past, potential that's worth a rack. Put that on blast my album deserve a plaque, til I'm puttin on Paxton nigga, that's on my back.
Track Name: Again
[Chris] They say what goes up comes down. And we put that good shit in the air so many times that a nigga lose count. And we do it uh- again and again. And we just won't stop so thats that bounce. So put it in yo system and manifest all yo visions. Plan and plot yo lick so proper that can't no hater prevent it. See I handle all my business. Quarterback from the line of scrimmage. Fall back, play my position. Mane that sack comin so sticky, but we break it down, roll it up. Papers preferably but I still fuck wit a blunt. Garcia Vega, Swishers, Ciggarello or a Dutch. Man I'm on my square so serious that I can't get off, I'm stuck. Exercise my intuition, can't no lame impede my church. So we stay in motion focused and whether I'm scarred or sober. I promise you joe we posted on Ps and Q's like we sposedta. How many times I done told ya?

[Chorus] Do it again. Again and again. 4x

[Dave] My hair drape, my socks gone, my gear tailored, my star showing. She content with my concept if i consent then she'll start going. That's honest never fiction, they honor my ambition. They know a scholar chose i admire from a distance. I jus love the attention, so we share that in common. Exercising my visions, eventually seven commas. Contrary to they suspicion, i never deal in no drama. That's magnifying the ism, I give and go to my patna. Pick and roll, baby that's how pimpin go. Michael was the man, but i play it cool as Pippen joe. Penchant for the prose, aint no pension for them flows. Keep my penmanship prolific but I'm pensive round these hoes. Know they hate her with a passion my personal Paula Patton. Finer than they could fathom we fresh in that fall fashion. Money my main motive maneuvering thru Manhattan. I'm knowing she gotta have it, so im doin it again and again.

[Chorus] Do it again. Again and again. 4x
Track Name: Curb Service
[Chris] Well pardon me, I heard pimpin always pose to make a profit but all I hear’s predictions and niggas thinking they prophets. Talking what they gon, steady holl’in what they finna. But we just send it up baby this a night to remember. No splenda, no equal, no sir, this a unique agenda. Much flavor but still, shit aint been sweet for a few Decembers. Its business at all times, we enjoying the life. Excuse me miss I’m off my square, can I borrow a light. I’m usually properly prepared, I guess I’m slipping tonight. But still its good shit in the air mixed with beautiful sights. The sky, your eyes, your thighs, your hair, and hell I’m beautiful right? Ok that last one was for you, take in your beautiful sights. Take in this vision, lets do this living, lets do this shit right. Man, lets do this living, yeah lets do this shit right. I teach the same shit to my niggas, say the same shit to my kids. Thats the legislation, my station improving as it is. Stay on biz.

[Chorus] Observe as I send it up, curb service pick em up. Just to drive it home, this is church charlie lift em up. 4x

[Dave] She say she never did it, I say she never tried. So tell me what you into if you would be so inclined. On a mission for pole position, she witnessing my climb. Envision a future with him i respectfully decline. But if you embrace the vision, roll papers, disengage yoself from haters, set yo friends out, then maybe we could chill later. When yo ambitions transition we can build later, til then, start yo transmission and keep it player. My focus is on this paper, paying mama bills, putting on for my niggas, making music that you can feel. Deal or no deal, we all playing with the same deck. Mine fully sent up, so I'm coming at them lames neck. Tryn get that rent up, so I grind like I'm ‘pose to. Money what I manifest, scholar let me coach you. Phil Jack for the trill, balled bi-coastal. Curb service pick em up, when i feel social.