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Avenue: C & D

by The Paxtons

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The Paxtons’ fifth album, Avenue: C&D is the duo’s sleekest, most cohesive project yet.

While their hip hop influences are as apparent as ever, it’s the unique, genre-bending production style that makes Avenue: C&D really stand out. Drawing on everything from 90's R&B (“Tonight,” “She Never”) to jazz (“Raw Papers & Rossi”) and electro-rock ("Pretty Girl Problems"), The Paxtons have blown past the rules of traditional hip hop to construct a thoughtful and enjoyable musical journey. The authenticity in their lyrics is nearly palpable, as they explore the everyman struggles of living and loving in Brooklyn.

Avenue: C&D is quite literally a reflection of The Paxtons’ lives, from their affection for the greener things in life to their love of pretty girls. No stripper anthems here; these love songs are about real girls: brown-skinned girls (“Brown Girl”), girls that wear basketball jerseys (“Want Me More), and girls that look like Raven Symone—the present-day slim version and the thick one from 2009 (“Ready to Go").

Ultimately, The Paxtons are just a couple of cool guys from Chicago who love to live life—and make some pretty groovy music along the way. Avenue: C&D is a refreshing breath of air, thanks to its lyrical sophistication, genuine subject matter, and memorable melodies. It's certified feel-good music. But even when the topic is somber, the music still grooves on…because that’s just how life goes on Paxton Avenue.


released September 21, 2012

Executive Producers: The Paxtons. Creative Direction: The Paxtons. Art Direction: Dave of The Paxtons for Gold Standard Creative.


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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Track Name: Brown Girl
[Chris] She bout six feet, she awkward, got curly hair and she fine as fuck/ She in another state tho, so I dont see her much/ And she’s the baddest thing in brooklyn just tryna pursue her passion/ Didnt trust me much at first but now she gets me/ So she’s at me and there’s this actress from across the pond/ That dances, sings and blows my mind, aint none of em mine but swear to God/ Could probably fall in love with every one of em if I had the time/ Could probably mention a couple more that could have my heart if I had the lines/ But time is of the essence and space is at a premium/ You adding to the culture? Thats the only way I’m keeping ya/ My time is very precious and space is quickly filling up/ So add to the culture girl and make yourself a keeper, what [Hook] Brown skin girl, if you with it let me know/ if you with it let me know, if you with it let me know/ Brown skin girl, if you with it let me know/ if you with it let me know, if you with it then hey (2x) [Dave] Ay, you over there, PYT with the long hair/ Please don't mind if I grow a pair and introduce myself over cold beer/ One summer sam and one goose isle, miss the crib but its too wild/ What I meant to mention that I been positioned right here since I seen you move by/ And I swear I seen you seen me, how dare you say you aint seen me/ She say she saw me play she know at the last free show and aint speak to me/ And that's cool so long as we reconvene right here, right now baby vis a vis/ Its quite clear right now that you need a g on yo roster, the squad look incomplete/ And I'm outchere and I'm ballin, my lifestyle it look awesome but / Don't gas no instagram filters, I'll keep it trill it aint all its/ Set out to be but I'm about g, and I'm out to see if you about me/ Cuz you five sumn, lil fine sumn, let's find sumn on this balcony/ Yeah niggas at her like habana outpost, went to school but she out tho/ Couple gigs, ex from the crib but never met no nigga from south shore/ Ungh. Them shots poed, first times a charm but I'm outgoing/ Worst time to part but I'm out darling and this time tomorrow you'll be out ya clothing so [Hook 2x] [Chris] We can kick it if you with it if you choosing be explicit/ I'm transparent, no pretenses. Ok you're picky, I get it/ But if you honor my ambition and subscribing to this ism/ Jump down wit a nigga, lets get to doing this living/ Can't promise you no tomorrows but fuck with me right this minute/ And the next one and the next one and lets see how far that get us/ Loving living in the moment. If I'm sending then you going/ Never questiong my motives cuz you already knowin/ So what you on? Be explicit/ Its honor over everything, tell me you fuckin with it/ What you on? Be explicit/ Its honor over everything,now who you representing, ha? [Hook] [Refrain] You make me feel like/ Everything might be alright with you, but that can't be right/ The stars they shine so bright for you, but that can't be light/ Everything I need right now is you, but that can't be right/ Every time I think about ya love, you make me feel like/ I can spend my whole damn life with you, so this can't be like/ Wanna do everything you like to do, but this can't be right/ So I just might spend my night with you, but this can't be life/ Every time I think about ya love (2x)
Track Name: Ready To Go featuring Vanache
[Dave] Raw papes so I'm rolled tight, cross that off my checklist/ Odds are finna be a long night, pre roll sumn for breakfast/ Rossi in my solo, I don't wanna get too reckless/ No horse on my polo, dior that's my next shit/ Look I don't do much, tryna just maintain, mack sumn down, and I just might stain/ Make my move, manifest my aim, she don't need no man, I don't want no main/ No need for introduction, when I'm off up in that function/ Ooh Avenue b my shit girl, be the topic of discussion, like [Hook] [Vanache] All I wanna do is roll up, drank until we tore up/ I glad yo friend could show up, but tell me are you ready to go?/ Now tell me are you ready to go?/ Girl I know that you wanna go home with me/ Home with me/ Girl I know that you wanna go home with me/ Home with me [Dave] Ok that's last call, them doors closed, she say she love my wardrobe/ Lemme find out that she gone. Lil bit of g, whole lot of her horomones/ I know a lil spot don't close til four, daylight coming she don't wanna be home/ Friend on the phone, she don't wanna be alone, if she meet us at the bar, then its finna be on/ Well its finna be on, they super scarred and I'm so high/ She slim like Raven and super tall, her friend thick like Raven in oh nine/ She dark skinned, she light skinned, I'm in between and they both fine/ Gotta keep my cool, cuz they think I'm cool and it seems they cool playing both sides, ungh [Hook] [Chris] We can take a trip if you going my way, pull up at the crib and she beggin me to stay/ Shoot a lil shit, now I know I'm gon stain, but its three of us here and the two of them game/ I aint never no lame, so the two of yall juke then the three of us bang/ said we all gon bang/ yea we all gon bang [Hook 3x]
Track Name: Want Me More
[Dave] Ungh, bad lil broad in four a/ No thong, lil jersey on, that turn me on no foreplay/ That weed rolled, them drinks poured, playoffs weak without d rose/ Fried rice, lil general tsos, get shrimp baby I don't do spring rolls/ This pimp baby, she ain’t never seen those. Honor that, I keep those/ Obvious that she honor me, she climbing me in my street clothes/ She deep throat, she stunt for me, then come for me when I deep stroke/ Every time we fuck, she fall deeper, might fall asleep but I peep tho/ Speed home, cant fall in love, call a cab then call her bluff/ Right now she embrace my concept, next week she don't think I call enough/ Baby girl don't be so hard pressed, giving her my time is hard enough/ Just play the game with yo cards dealt, and Ill try not to break yo heart thus [Hook] She don't wanna leave, she don't wanna let go/ But she aint never met nobody with that kinda g before/ I got one foot in the crib and the other out the door/ And thats the type of shit right there that maker her want me more [Chris] Don’t fall in love so recklessly how you find tha so easy/ To trust me with everything, how you give that so freely/ I honor that you honor me but think about this logically/ I fuck with you, you fuck with me but I’m blessed with g so I’m bound to beat/ But what you think this bout to be? Take that for what it is/ And see that Cee might just be for a season. Pleasing you this evening’s/ All that I can promise, sweetie. I'll post up, we can kick it/ Just for a minute. Wanna smoke sumn? Gon twist it/ Peeping how you pearl that blunt, yeah I was perving when you licked it/ Be careful what you doin, girl. This shit can get addictive/ Run it back one time, two times, three times... Ok, fuck that, who's counting?/ It's music to my ears when you singing, screaming, shouting/ While I'm in them guts don't let your heart get crushed by the pounding [Hook 2x]
Track Name: Nudes
[Chris] You hit my city for the weekend. You came and got your freak in/ We staint out, your head was decent, we kept on speaking/ That same mouth, I love what leaves it. You spit that G shit/ That game ‘bout on par with Cee shit, quite the achievement/ Thank God for this distance or its rest in peace, pimpin/ You good for the position of ’bout four or five women/ Your social networks is consistently representing/ Now flick yourself in the mirror. remind me what I'm missing [Hook] Ok what's happening, thru lookin at twitter, good time for a trip/ Babygirl I'm at ya, put sumn on tickets, I could spare a few chips/ That really don't matter, lemme know you with it, lemme see them flicks/ Hell yeah she active, its so long distance, but that's my shit/ I tell her gon set them nudes out, gon set them nudes out/ Gon set them nudes out, gon set them nudes out/ Them niggas be at ya, aint none of my business, aint sweating that shit/ That really don't matter, lemme know you with it, lemme see them flicks [Chris] This shit can be awesome right? Mood set turn off the lights/ Maybe dim it a little so when I get up in the middle, I can see the awesome sight/ My eyes behold of your eyes rolling back. its priceless, right?/ My house control so we under the act I'm slinging pipe aight/ Lets bounce and roll, no X, but I bet yo ex don't pop yo life/ Off. Set it in rotation, both exchanging fuck faces/ Going down, lets fuck faces. Fuck waiting come and taste it/ Let the whole deck get sent up crazy. Twelve pack of the gold tickets, safety/ Keep your head down, get them hips up lady. Don't run, girl, you told me take it/ I'm a throw it. Catch it. Take it. We can put the whole shit in rotation/ First some basic information, of course you gotta know its all about location/ Most cases, on a regular basis, your home field where we touching bases/ Ricky when I run it, no Oakland A's cuz I'm a ‘Go getter girl, let me make it/ Little bit clearer. Never chase em. Pick em. Send em. Then I'm skating/ This one here a little bit different, aint it? My place where we fornicating/ Sex agreement, sign and date it but 'fore I slay it/ Lemme know what happening [Hook]
Track Name: Raw Papers & Rossi
[Chris] My worst days, I quarterback em just like my best/ Keep the living premium even thru the stress/ Constructing collages consisting of a perfect mess/ Jackson Pollock on her back, pearl necklace down her chest/ Do it for the art sweetheart, no disrespect/ Mackin on this side, the grind on the next/ So its time turned to checks, bet, Magic on deck/ No Dwight. Out in Vegas. Fashion statements for the press/ The way you shake them hips, girl, with each and every step/ See thas a statement in itself. Shit, we wear each other well/ Me and my heavenly angel give em hell [Hook] She hate it when I text, love it when I'm performing/ Its Philly for the set, Brooklyn in the morning/ That rossi on deck, that's what we be pouring/ Them blunts burn better but papers got me soaring/ Raw papers and rossi/ Raw papers and rossi/ Raw papers and rossi/ Raw papers and rossi [Dave] Summer nights cool, but my heart getting colder/ It was all good til we start getting older/ Green come and goes but the cream rise slow/ Stay in automatic drive, won't switch gears or coast from/ Living socials and sleeping on niggas sofas/ To living with no limits and winning like we supposed to/ Visions of mama crib accented and reupholstered/ Vintage dior wares and mississippi mimosas/ Tropicana, bullitt rye and canada dry/ Never see me with my girl she camera shy/ But she fine as a quarter o of that blue dream/ Budget for bowery, wardrobed at blue and cream/ Summer nostalgia, no socks and trousers/ The ambition for living is what empowered us/ I'm chasing dreams like they going out of style/ Til the paper's overrated as a plate at mr chows [Hook] [Dave] Thanksgiving to god, for giving me the gall/ To manifest the living I visioned when I was small/ Used to microwave water til it scald/ When the gas turned off, now my gal get it all/ Out in philly in the sofitel suite smoking sour/ Towels for the door, let the steam out the shower/ Check up on the team, pour a double shot of beam/ Bottle water and a bean, we gon need about an hour/ Polo on my body, she prefer that gaultier/ Pure player feeling polar on my coldest day/ No time for the mirror baby morris day/ Car service not a cab, but its on the way/ No checks and balances on my checks and balances/ What a nigga aesthetic is gon afford/ So if you dedicated to staying on one accord/ Demonstrate it by displaying a fantasy for ya boy [Hook]
Track Name: Got Away
[Dave] They say phrases beginning with all women are never true/ Unless its followed by a action or a verb/ And I'm attracted to them nerds so all women'll never do/ I only judge em by they actions, never words/ Reenacting in my mind, that's exactly what u deserved/ Cuz all u wanted was a man, and now yo math is getting worse/ Multiply my commitment, split the passion by the third/ Then divide my ambition, now thats half of what we were so/ You coming to the east side just to see me again/ What happened to that brief time of just being a friend?/ It got us making out in the stairs when no one looking/ He know yo heart aint there but he don't know I took it [Hook] You are the one that got away from me, you are/ But we both know this road can only go so far (2x) [Dave] We got acquainted through yo ex, when the two of you dated/ Fell in love via lust, and the sex was amazing/ Unprotected for a second then it got consistent/ She like it slow on top, yeah that was our position/ We both needed more, but you wanted me/ and I wasn't ready to fill that role with you in that scene/ But now my new new getting old, altercations more extreme/ And you making alterations to the fold sow it seams/ You coming to the east side just to see me again/ What happened to that brief time of just being a friend?/ It got us ducking to the potty when nobody looking/ You in the city, but they don't know that yo heart in Brooklyn [Hook 2x] [Chris] Tried to told him gotta know when to hold em when to fold em/ Now that new new getting old but the flood gates is open/ See perfect timing is golden, shoulda passed but she open/ Guess vision is 20/20 quarterbacking Monday mornings/
Track Name: She Never
[Refrain] Take off your cool young love. Put on your give no fucks/ Take off your cool young love. There's no one here just us/ Look, people are important and they only happen once/ Same goes for this night girl and you the one I want [Hook] She aint never gone like that before. She aint been chose like that before/ She aint never seen no g, never seen no pimp, never seen no mack before/ She aint never seen no mack before, she aint never seen no mack before/ She aint never seen no mack before, she aint never seen no mack before [Chris] See its more about the build and less about the lust/ My roster consists of more than just women I'm tryna fuck/ My mission to enrich every single sista I touch/ Beginning with understanding thats founded upon trust [Refrain] [Hook] [Chris] She embracing my rotation off jump/ She honoring my ambition and patronizing my church/ Patiently I been paying attention, not saying much/ Im measuring her play making potential to play in clutch/ Positions the game present her, goin because I sent her/ Knowing she shooting for a starting spot on a contender/ Dealing with that decision to kick it or let me stain/ Given her secondary position next to my main [Hook] [Refrain]
Track Name: Pretty Girl Problems
[Refrain] She been down, its been tough/ She been smiling thru her tears behind her face but won't give up/ Why she's so down, why her? But she so bad, so what/ She been smiling thru the tears behind her face and still not once has she [Chris] Let on what going on between her ears behind that front/ No lace tho, lil make up, but even without that she fine as fuck/ But still blind as fuck. cuz she ain't seen herself outside the scope of being fine as fuck/ And what niggas want, and what woman wont take advantage if handed the cheat code/ To manage this man’s world but dammit if that don't come at a price. Lil sugar and spice’ll get you everything nice/ Is what he told her so she folded, let him put a lil pipe. ain't fuck him right tho cuz her head was wrong/ Thinking fuck my life, so much is wrong and nothings right, now she all alone/ She been down, for so long. Might get back up but it wont last long [Refrain] [Hook] She got pretty girl problems, nobody cares/ Fine as all outdoors but inside, upstairs/ She’s got a junky room/ Oh, a junky room 2x [Dave] She ain't never had no man before. Ain't never been in nobody plans before/ Was aiming to change that, but baby complained that, she'll never be able to understand it tho/ Its so many women that got talent, all of em look good, with bodies above average/ Maybe a lil hood, maybe a lil classy, yet, I chose you so none of the rest matter/ None of the rest you, and you ain't in-ter-es-ted in hearing that truthfully you was a nigga best/ Sorry to digress but what's up under that dress, is all I wanted to see when a nigga was under stress/ Started at second guessing and now you feeling depressed, a part of it intuition the other feeling regret/ Funny the same thing that brought us to our death, created a new life so maybe its for the best [Refrain] [Hook 2x]