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The Manhattan Project

by The Paxtons

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Hip Hop was built on the foundation of double meanings. While the title of The Paxtons’ new mixtape, The Manhattan Project, is an obvious reference to their relocation to NYC and adoption of the New York state-of-mind, there is a deeper inspiration driving it.

The Manhattan Project is also the codename for a WWII project whose mission was to develop the first atomic bomb. In musical terms, The Paxtons are taking the same approach by building a mixtape that will annihilate the competition with beats and rhymes that clearly show an unseen hunger and level of progression and creativity from the Chicago-bred MC and production team.

If their last opus, Work, was safe and constrained, The Manhattan Project is its freer and riskier big brother. Featuring their own production as well as beats from Diplo, Chuck Inglish & Dam Funk and guest appearances from X.O. of Diamond District (Living a Movie) and Chicago’s Sulaiman and Skech185 (Bang With Us), The Manhattan Project is guaranteed to make music lovers take notice.

If you build it they will come? It’s been built and it impacts on September 7.


released September 7, 2010

Executive Producers: The Paxtons, Jonathan Garr & Daryl Garrett
Creative Direction: Team Paxtons
Art Direction: David Kenneth
Photography: Dafna “Lady Glock” Steinberg, Bryant “Vanache” Nnadi, Shawn Sahara & Ashley Stanfield
Mastering: Zacharias Wise at Depth Charge Studios, Alexandria, VA


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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Track Name: Caesar
I be saying that shit that’ll have you talkin bout i dont want no mo. Earned my spot, my knot, im hot, and they wonder why i dont stunt no ho. Been had shine, been had struggle, been had grind, know we hustle, did my time, know we humble, been had it all like jose hustle. been bad. I aint said shit funny like sinbad. Ima get this money then spend that. wont save no bitch, hands too full tryna save these kids. Glass half full, ima take that sip, fill it back up then seal it back up. When the lord aint lookin ima finish that cup. Fuck waitin my turn ima take that shit, knowing these fuck niggas hate that shit. I dont give a fuck nigga play my shit. What you eat dont make me shit. if you had my spot you’ll waste that shit. make rap make that pop in a few states. Slang that make back dollar or two, then take that make fan follow it too. Yeah, take that make label holler at you. sign contract make that profitable then maybach? NAW! Aint no way ima make back blood, sweat, tears, girls, family and friends i lost. Aint no way i would take back love and cheers even if i knew it cost everything i love. But they say rome wasn’t built in a day.

Ok I clearly have a blessing so luck happenings no question. Been doin this for a second. No second guessing at present, I'm just showing you the method. the madness is like a present handed down from the heavens. Above everything, I'm stressing that my words to be respected. Write em down and dissect it, so profound on the second, third listen you might get it, see what I spitted, and only then take away the image I projected. I'm open to all questions. See its all about perception. Now step back, take a look at the big picture that I'm etching. Currently in the grand scheme of things I'm betting that you're doubting our progression will garner any attention. But I promise, by the ending they gon have to mention us when speaking of the legends who spit heat whenever checking mics for crowds or in a session. See right now you think I'm trippin or just gassin shit for listens and I know its just opinion, but they tryna get lucky; I'm past pulling bitches. I'm winning, hittin licks and stayin down and never givin up. You say you're listening, I swear y'all aint hearing us. I'll say it once more, make sure I make it clear enough. I run this shit and burn it down, you aint got that now, then give it up.
Track Name: What We Doin' (Ballin)
Write songs and we mourn em. Pay em no attention til they gone cuz they funeral is the most thats ever been spent on em. Sent warning shots when HIS pops was replaced with the block. Nine glock on his waist with a little bit of weight in his socks and the laces that he rock in his all black shoes either red or they blue or they gold, or they got a color code letting everybody know that he bang for the Lords or the Folks or the Moes or the foes. They say the games to be sold. Niggas can't afford. So a nigga aint never been told that the shit that he sold's provided by the people that'll put him in the hole. Solitary or casket the fact is, this shit aint built for black kids. They shop for the product of the block pushing product on the block. Now they got a whole cell block full of have nots.

A young nigga from the center of the map, where that senator barack represented, epicenter of the trap where they hustle to get by like sinnerman sample. Sentiment shared so I send em in there. they swear I'm Snapple, made from the best stuff here, til I sit em in chair. Make em watch like citizen but please don't stair. you gon need an elevator for the heights I've cleared. Size 13’s for the nikes I wear, my pairs unlucky and of heights they scared. The mayor don't care so the towers gon tear, now they praying that my project drop next year. Though nothing compares to them terrorist acts, Trade center for they moment in the sun like Shaq. The hood ground zero like tare in fact, so a cheer for every kid young, gifted and black. We (ballin)

Push to the limit for them niggas on the block that grind on the corner, pray the laws don't watch. Niggas swear they'll ride til somebody arrive at the coroner, the bullshit stop.
Ride for the kids being raised by video games, videos, gangs. Aint shit changed. I was raised in the era of killin niggas for J's.
And still ill kill for the sevens or the eights
And still I feel it'll never be straight.
Pause. Nevermind let em eat cake
Au bon pain. Swanna know when its all gon change, But that's like tryna find waldo mayn
Guess that's why niggas ball on chains, make it rain in the club, stay fly when the price of the planes goin up; Cuz they aint give a fuck when it rained on us.
Yall aint learn shit 9-11? Whats 600 gon do in a recession? Niggas heard barack at the 04 convention and voted george bush in the got damn election.
Nevermind the war and inflated oil when the black vote split on gay marriage and abortion.
Black folks split on saying nigga in recordings. Had to be a nigga with a perm in the pulpit.
Now they say it aint race its the poor and I was born in a city where black people the poorest. How you tell a nigga that the streets aint for him when his daddy aint around and mama can't afford him?
Four dollar gas, 200 for the Jordans, 700 flip on a ounce of that raw. And I'd be lying if I said I could solve it, tryna figure what im gon wear on tour. We (ballin)
Track Name: Super Stupid featuring Jessica Neal of TeLuv
Where should I begin with this? They on that beginner shit, novice now they nonsense not as novel as my simple shit. Now his nomenclature coincide with the paper, So reside where them scrapers fell, ride elevators. Now my lines have no neighbors cept yo mama and yo cousin too. Rollin down the strip on vogues, model from the cover shoot. Now I'm tryna cover two, get them under covers too, west coast offense, safety first no run n shoot. You can check my running shoes, hangin like rosewood, throw wood, call it Carmen Haze if that throat good. They aint got no option, I play N C double A. The game is under my control, yo remote empty double a's. Throw some d's on that bitch, only energizer. I stay shitting on these niggas like I'm in a scheizer. Pants on the ground, bad moon like Andre Rison. Burn this down and make the net work like Verizon. They all waitin, they all watching in awe. Bitch I Shawshank em, that's bars. Pause. Parallel bars. Pause. No gymnastic but applaud. This a classic best duo, Clipse covered like Kaws. Damn! did I say that? Shoot for the stars, pray they don't take that wrong. On to the next one, more applause. On to the fresh. I dress up to turn hoes down if they are last season like lost. Make exception for this beat, ima rider like clause then sleigh it for the kids, hand delivered free of cost.

They want that super stupid shit. Well I get stupid super quick. Pose problems to my pockets I promise I'll pop off on that pops shit. Thats bang bang. I don't pop shit. I don't gang bang. That's not chris. But I maintain I don't play mane. They stay sayin that's hot shit. What's that? Oh... What I spit. Oh that? Nigga thats not shit. I heard it got em nervous so I do this shit on purpose. The super stupid verses just let em scratch and sniff the surface. The verses with purpose leave em head scratching when they heard it. Pay attention how I word it. Syntax is oh so perfect. I tax, Just go purchase under mattress where the work is. The packages I'm serving keep sistas jukin, twerkin. My music keep em kirkin. Thats DC for jappin. Thats Chi Town for snappin. We outchea. What's happenin? No hot shit? What's that then? The Paxtons get it crackin. Thats crack in pyrex cookware. Cook where we live not crib therefore this project so Manhattan. Took there, hit lick, unfair how Dave and Chris stay manufacturing shit that keep djs scratchin. Keep fans fiending, stans leaning. Sans screaming creamies we got everything we needing. Beats beating. Pins bleeding. Pardon, bbm pins. Tweets tweeting. Sheets steaming. Rhymes scheming. Baby stacks now teething. True haters teeming with envy. My team stronger than any. We not just simply winning. This a certified Blow out No doubt, Chris and Dave, The Paxtons, niggas that you need to know bout.
Track Name: Foreplay featuring TeLuv
I'm only here for the weekend. I'm tryna get my freak in. Don't freak out bout how I'm speaking. No time for beating around the bush, before the beating begins. I'm down to push you to your limits. Foreplay got me swimming, then I'm in it. Let's not get into specifics on how I'm gon get it or what's all leading to igniting: scratching, pulling, screaming, biting. Promise I'll be good but you can be bad, cuz we already know good guys finish last.

Now you know its been a minute since we did it from the bed to the floor to the kitchen while I put up yo legs take it slow then switch. But we aint gotta go there yet. Taking my time til that thang get wet. Slow down! Click it or a ticket. I'ma lick it fore I stick it. bet you never had it come that quick. Go down! Fair exchange, girl do that thang for me. Deal or no deal, baby girl don't play with me. One thing you can do just like Amerie. Two, if you can get the first one out the way for me. Three in the morning, ‘fore we wake up so you aint gotta worry bout ya hair or ya makeup. Call Luticia ill put that cake up. Daring to break up, but she so Elway. Comeback kid, girl you aint seen shit. you forget I'm from the chi, give you some of that twelve play.
Track Name: Hood Pass
Nigga I'm bout it like p said. Real cuz the street said. Streets said I go hard, that's what she said! Standing on three legs, packing like green bay. Lambeau leaped in the game, no cheesehead. Matta fact zshared niggas to a coma. Scene full of posers. cee said tax these niggas like posters, you don’t wanna see Ced, he'll be home in two octobers, over.
Non stop flights, hoes wanna lay over. Mile high medicate for the glaucoma. Green card good when I touch down Oakland. Pourin up lean, call it three wheel motion. Blogs say we for the win, baby I can't lose. Gone on that apple juice and henny I can't move. Blame it on the grey goose, pardon. yo bitch Landed in my square and I bumped her, sorry!

Shame what she did for that change in the Range. Or even what she did for that ring, all the same. Karats, marriage, Its nice but I wifed up a dam funk track, put my bitch to the back, cuz my kids gon eat off rap. Told shorty thats eating my kids to get off my sack. Nap sack packed. Takin tarmac naps ‘fore the jet set, let the seat back, back. Back to the occasion. Blazing nothing but that left coast cali purple hazin. Haze in LA keep me fresh air chasing. Fresh pair air nikes laced when I'm pacing. chasing paper. So much made in a day you’d swear we pulled capers. Nah, We in Vegas with cases; models, bottles. Whole entourage Vince Chase’n, need no occasion.

Chips on the table, bet on black spade. Not the homie from the show-me but the homies show me love whether bet on crap game or the dealer show me clubs on that ace, face, ten now my hand is showing flush. now the bitches showing love, cuz the chips showing up for the second time around. you might have to slow it up, whether peddle crack ‘cain or the dealer show me buzz. Now its bricks on the table and the metaphor is drugs.

Yeah I'm a trip moreso a vacation. Red light district. Fast lane, tail lights but I'm not braking, blow red lights. yeah ‘dro smell nice, trying on a new fragrance. No headlines, I aint tryna make papers. Hotel nights, bitch its a celebration. Hoe tell friends that the hotel nice. Word travel that I got it for the wholesale price.

Wear white, special occasion, cheerup. Tryna spread legs, be patient, stirrups. Two pumps, no gas station, fill ups. Say she never did it, she wolfin, Shakira.

Watch what the dick do. Shorty change suit like supes in a booth. Never let her talk shit bout what she don't do. Yeah thats a lie but I hit her truth. So cool but I'm so uncouth. Blow through in the coupe. Off top, no roof. Hoes tops go poof. Fresh as I'm is, head to zappato. Shawty with her man, wanna gimme that gato. Chah'lie you tweaking bringing her to my show, like I'm gon not poke. Ha! That's a "not joke." Bitches go dumb, Mami’s go tonto. Outty five stacks. Back to Chicago.
Track Name: Bang Wit Us featuring Sulaiman & Skech185
Toast to those dopes, who quote like slow pokes and choke like old folks on oats when joe spoke. The blokes that blow smoke approach with with no coats. Since I’m cold, they froze when that flow hit absolute zero. I’m a walking hip-hop hero. Burn this shit down like nero. Everybody winning’s really everybody we know. You looking unfamiliar nigga, where’s your ID tho? It’s not my ego, I swear. I had to get away from all them bitches in Rocawear. So tell them people waiting for the prophet, I am here. And I don’t need a chain to proclaim my diamond glare. Long as I’m flying clear, you can hate forever on the ground; in your itty bitty house in your shitty little town. Punch a nigga in the nose if he really wanna clown. Fuck a hater, see you later, nigga sit yo ass down.

Boy I'm in the city sittin pretty but the flow pretty ugly. Pretty boy Floyd Mayweather with the money, so I sidestep bitches like a bishop, no gumby. Unless they are fucking. otherwise, she gon have her hands in her pants, al bundy. Fire marshall bill bitch! Lemme tell ya shumching. Pause with that hater shit. Lame niggas nothing. Later for them hoes, naysayers and them fake niggas fronting. I am after one thing, maybe three; Naked on south beach with Amerie, Coronas and sunscreen. SPF 40 (check). fresh PF Flyers in the Duffle with the checkered monogram, that's stunting. They already know that's LV, Unless you miss the minor details like LCD. in the hills with a lc, d cup, two girls. City never sleeps, call it LV, cool world. Animated. the cake calling, I Anna Mae it. Brother’s keeper both names on the annotation. Dark days, bright nights for the admiration. Five figure for the show this the affirmation

You fucking with me; that’s the blackened wings of a fallen angel calling for a burning cherub in ash clouds mangled whatever makes me laugh hardest. (Dear victim) Blame your legs for your half hearted attempt at not being a bitch. Smoking stumps for limbs, forgetting where your path started. (Think happy thoughts kid) Seen your swagger switch to kindling, dwindling, concept of winning married the ground with a backwards fist and a psa to the onlookers about the wrath of lizards, but only half are gon get it: hide your ho from us, pretend you never spoke to us (Thats non-fiction) Look! you’re not that strong, your strong’s not that fresh, your fresh is all done wrong, ie you’re not that skech! I work the drawbridge between “aw shit!” and not human. So when most lungs crumble, I’m not moving. This is humble at it’s most mcintyre ways to make to you act the same when you get there. (Practice) I been doing this since mountains were introduced to thin air. At the fountainhead or the youth well, with antique weapons attached. Floating on the back of a griffin strangling him with the thinnest of witch hair.

Tin man status with the burden of Atlas. Look what comes with being far better than average. And that's an understatement but I'm tryna stay classy. Fuck it. No room for classy when you cooking up classics. Chef's up in the kitchen with naked bitches to bag it. To bag bitches is simple but that aint where the cash is. Yeah, trill niggas know the motto. The cheddar chase I'd the quickest way to get women to follow. How I get they head gone? Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Ichibad Crane game dangerous. Dope dick drive em crazy like angel dust. Let her know, "I'm from The Go. Bitch, bang wit us!" No line at the door if you came with us. Hope you ate something first if you drank with us. Get down like Rick Hunter. Throw shots, don't chase em. Never save em. I'm Mario Lemieux style, skating.
Track Name: Living a Movie featuring XO
Make a name, make it ring, make a track, make it bang. They gon give me my respect or I'm about to make a scene. Brushing up on my lines, bitch! cameras on. places please. Patience is a virtue and I'm pacing to my place as king. They told me to play the scene; open mic with niggas who ain’t never made it out dc, open right before niggas who mixtape on blank cd, so miss me with that bullshit. They preaching to the choir but I'm speaking from the pulpit. Never met a nigga from my city so cold. the city of the go, with cobras And kings and bds and souls, gangsta disciples, cvls and foes. Shop open up when cvs is closed. block close up when cpd patrol. Cops show up and its finna be a first fourty eight if a nigga violate that code. Aint put shit on boss or stone but I coulda been gone like Derrion Albert. So I could give a fuck about these weak ass niggas albums. They are secant cosines, I got on without one. I live on the tangent, they wondering how I'm (Living a movie)

Posted on a plane. I pen with QWERTY, not a pencil. Story of my life: Where I'm going/ What I've been through. Flyer than the pilot but right now that's not the issue. Miss me with that bullshit. That's what I don't get into. They sending shots up but they can't hit me with their pistols. Women waving mistletoe, The devil sending missiles. Shake em as they pass us while these women shaking asses. Play the humble when they gas us cuz I know their fake asses will ask us questions when their thinking or got an inkling that the blessings ain't raining down on us quite as fast as we want em. But the Lord told me wait on Him. So all my foes, I pray for them instead of prey on them. But damn a nigga stays hungry. Devil on my back told me, "Eat these niggas, treat these bitches. Beat these niggas, tax they hoes and beat they bitches." I'm tryna stay Christian. Don't make me lose religion. They're praying for my ending but this only my beginning cuz I'm (Living a movie)

The grind don’t stop and i ask myself why these haters mad? Guess its cuz i got so popular. Was nobody a year ago, i just became this way. As long as the streets had direction when i asked which way. And when I passed fifth grade, was smoking cigarettes on the way to the sixth not giving a shit, then it was gimme the spliff. And now remy I sip and smile cuz I’m moving in a motion, mom couldn’t picture how it could be done. Life is a motion picture now. come where where I’m from (DC) and die trying to star in this movie. Up in my town, on the block where I’m from, young’ns live the OG’s sequel, outshine the reruns. Cuz we seen it all, done it all. The director of my movie was the lord, he won’t forgive us all. Most niggas seen Scarface and they wanted to ball, wanting to play the role but niggas dying in the casting call when ya (Living a movie)
Track Name: Money Right
Niggas wanna know why I'm gone, and if I'm ever coming back home. I tell ‘em “when the money right and I can say I'm on.” See currently the people know my songs but the currency is sum’n like Curren$y, blown. now I ain’t tryna jone, but this where I belong like Dom say. DMV love but I aint Wale. I aint in the go go, plus I'm from the go, so I guess, i can't tell ‘em nothing like Kanye. Yet, replace heartbreak hotel With the Drake hotel in the gold coast enclave, Bet. the cream gon rise like mom say. Shut down Vegas, Tao was the entree. Cee was out in PR, I spent his 25th birthday in the er, twisted. next day Ash was the dr. next show, Philly say the flow was like retard, gifted. Never did picture that show on Cecil B Moore Would lead to Atmos and Ubiq in stores; to animal house shirts in LA on tour. Raw fish, Rodeo, rose on pour, the life. and yet I lost sight of what was most important in the course of one flight. Tricking at the view on a Sunday, right. My grandmother died in Cleveland that night. And I was staying just cross town, but I was too busy tryna hunt Floss down. Conflict, conscience. Moms aint talking. Aunt bout lost it. Been there, nauseus. I remember three years back, pre-rap laying cuz in a coffin. Where was that? Austin. where was that? Westside. Now we at South by Southwest, blessing. Where is that? Austin. where is that? Texas.

Pause that. off it. Matter fact, next it. Passed on the past time to get up on some next shit. Last show, awesome. Not even our best shit. Shawty asked when the next time we in Texas. Told her can't call it. Wouldn't even guess it. Couldn't count on promoters, I'm just counting all my blessings. I seen em look us over so I put em on a check list. Now when they call us only question's where the checks is? Guess this what the real meaning of respect is: Tryna get they favorite song added to our set list. Kill ’em wit the bars so they see we ain’t playing. Momma told me write the vision, Make sure that I make it plain. so when I'm up in the game, I run it and never faint. Never running from a thang. Y’all lames chasing fame. Mayne, fuck aligning wit the stars. For the fortune tell a nigga you could buy him a car. Fuck a deal. They tryna gimme these weak ass cards. Tryna tell us we won't make it with just cold bars. They can't swindle me joe these mogs is frauds. I tell em, "Even still, so? Fuck the odds. My fate been sealed in the hands of God."
Track Name: Beamin featuring Oscar Wao
Educated hood nigga. Mama always said “if you say something make it good nigga.” Well she aint say nigga, but you get the gist. Entourage like Hammer but the grammar too legit to quit. A salaam the manners but the hammer on that clip a trip. You won't need no baggage on that passage if you quick to flip. Keep it on yo mattress ‘fore its action, nigga stick to script. We gon keep on, manufacture crack and bag it brick to nick. Get used to it Knicks to bricks. Chris Duhon like six assists. clip coupons to spending chips, bitch I'm ballin. They madison square like Lupe, we madison square garden. They mad he's in there hoopin, we baddest in here, pardon. JV let him in there shooting, we are lettermen year, starting. Your girl Letterman late night. I late text, she talm’bout she aint getting laid right. I latex, then lay pipe. she talm’bout “You gon stay right?” Unh, unh I got to leave. she on that letterman jacket, wear emotions on her sleeve. And no I never go backwards cuz my standard high. Ho sit down I stand up guy. Run this town, my stans don't lie. Jane on thursday, Santos friday. unless they pay me for my stanzas set your stands on fire. Stand on that, they stand on line. I'm beamin, that's my stance on life. Santogold, see me I'm no creator I sampled line. Sampled track. once I put my stamp on that they sample mine. Leak it, put they stamp on mine. one week check the stats online. Talk shit, actions speak louder I pantomime.

Pops told me “never give no nigga no stick to beat you with.” So I beat up the beat when I hit that bitch. CB, no Rih Rih, stick to the script. I pound but I never really hit no chick. Duck down don't make me crash my whip. I swerve hit tree no accident. I blow kush and focus on road while she blow Chris. Now know this; stunting's done by pros, you can't just hire hoes. then recreate my prose. I post up and lay up all day. I throw up blocks so the D ok. I'm so Pro Bowl stay M.I.A. I'm here for the night then gone for days. Never let a hoe know where I stays. South Shore yeah that's where I raised. So Go-Go no DC nights, I'm just so Chi I say it twice. Bammas don't you go get siced. Cameras flicking, flashing lights. The boy is nice. Check for him like wearin nikes or paying price. Damn I'm flicking. Kill the lights. See I'm shining. Beaming, right? So Willy I don't spit. I throw up like Beamin might. But this not a game. My lines are not a scrimmage. This records not a Guinness. And since we are winning, I know you will report it and find some way to spin it. Tell DJ bpm it. Push replay when we finish. When they ask who the best, give em P to the A to the X to the T O-N-S. That's T to the O to the N’s of fresh produce like I have a chain of whole foods in my chest. Beats growing in my heart. Take a sample of my breath. Find spores of virus verses. I pray Lord that they infect. If you catch it, cover mouth before you give it to the rest. God bless.
Track Name: Curtains
Sittin back on the flight. Jack with the ice. Head in my left hand, cup in the right. Dreams quicker than a jet but I plain chase the life. I aint touched yall yet. Tryna figure what to write. I cashed a couple checks but I'll spend it by the night. Party after the set against my accountants advice. Gotta celebrate the fact that yall fuck wit me for the price. From that first snare crack when I'm standin there with the mic. Put ya hands in the air if my shit sounds nice. I can barely see yall thru the glare of the lights. Only feedback I need is the scene to get hype. Who's the illest from this joint to Mars like Spike? If its a sea full of C's, every one of yall's right. So, say my name. Homies toast ya beers. The sentiment shared by best of peers the best in here bar for bar is here. Cheers!

They saying hard work pays off, I don't cut with baking soda, but I step on. DG said make em wait for it so I left it on the stove while they slept on. Whip it sum’n wicked all day. Took my show to broadway, now they with it. Blowing up, no more hustling the hard way. Women showing up, well they did before, but, now they willing with no cause. Hit them dressing rooms strapped like a wizard, wish em well like a penny then I toss. I remember wishing for dc applause, now I get it like a wizard interstate now that 95 is oz. Gucci got them yellow bricks, I just want my name in bronze in miami at the grammys on the island of the stars. Yeah that's over there by shaq house. wonder why these niggas still playing like stackhouse? Might as well be walking on the sun like smashmouth. Playa I been all star ever since a nigga graduated out the frathouse

From the fans in the rear you can hear to the Stans in the band t-shirts adhere. Stick to every word. They can spit it so clear. This shit is surreal. can't believe its so real. Like, look at what we done in the last couple years. Tell em look at where we going but they sleeping, still. Still chase dreams of the bills with our names in large font. And oh yeah, a couple mil’. Cup'll fill and overflow if the sun don't chill. bring the heat in every show. That's most important deal. You paying to see perfection staying with me on her heels. I'll chase her until I catch her or ‘til I cease to live. Forgive me for the lecture. I'm just saying how I feel. Tryna give you my perspective, hope you see it with your ears. Hope you hear it with your heart. Hope you share it with your peers. So when I'm no longer here, you might shed a couple tears.
Track Name: Champion
Ok I'm from the Go so she say I'm cold as the winter wind. Seen my stock trends so winning's what she's investing in. Waiting on her dividends but I figure since she aint just in for dollars, cents, its only sense to take them chips and cash em in. Sitting at the table with my winnings. Women see the kid. Homies told me roll again. Its flashing lights, I'm shaking dice. We cheating death to chase the life. These freaks is fuckin on sight. I'm six-five and hot baby it just ain't fahrenheit. But I can't fuck up the game. Right. Take the chips cash 'em in. But before this chapter ends, I'll live it thru this verse again. State to state with broads gettin it in quickly changes to calculating exchange rates when getting in from abroad. Tally every expense. Its all there in dollars and cents. Damn, does this really exist? I mean Is this dream actually reality? Pinch myself. Pain only serves to remind me that I'm glad I'm me.

Ok I'm from the chi, so I do it for the windy. All the same, abbreviated. all the pain alleviated. All the games, we done played it. patient. paid them dues. prayin, Put it in gods hands, impatient, took it in our hands, done playing. No Adele, chasing pavement. got no deal, chasing placement, Paper, paycheck, paintings, paper plate on wheels. Superficial, but that's real and these hoes aint. See she aint buy my protools, So I can't buy her pronails. Bitch, no thanks. Trade pussy for her toe paint? My people get yo standard up. Show me to my seat? Ima grown ass man, nigga I pee standing up. Took my future in my own hands, aint no pun intended. Live large, hit hoes and die young. Well, that one I meant it. Tell em what they told me: “Yall shit cool ima call you back.” “Yall gotta hit them open mics.” “Beats go hard but them boys can't rap.” Bet. So we gave em that. They got they fix they came right back. Made em itch, cocaine to crack. Damn it feels good getting paid to rap.