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Inspired by the 1994 film, Clerks, entirely self-produced and set to a sonic backdrop reminiscent of 90s era Hip Hop and R&B, the concept album offers a clear perspective on a summer in the life of The Paxtons.


released June 30, 2009

Executive Producers: The Paxtons & Daryl Garrett
Legal Representation: Karl O. Riley & Joshua Lubatkin
Management: Daryl Garrett for Change For Change Fundraiser Consulting
A&R Direction: Jonathan Garr
Special Consultant: Jerome Baker III
Marketing: Team Paxtons
Publicity: Marcus Anderson
Creative Direction: The Paxtons
Art Direction & Design: Gold Standard Creative
All Tracks Mastered at Depth Charge Studios, Alexandria VA by Zacharias Wise


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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Track Name: Opening Credits (Villification)
[Verse – Chris]
I say its real up in the bitch, I pray these skills a’ get me rich
Ok for real, so even if, these spitting skills don’t get me shit
You can bet yo ass I’m still blast this glass ceiling when I lift off
Blast from my launching pad, a pen and pad, my bad
I mean this QWERTY I be using, blackberry for my musing
Putting verses to my music, don’t be scared I aint gon do ya
But I’ma murder whatever’s moving [C, don’t hurt em] I’ma bruise em
Chop and screw em, no T Pain, C. Butler not Bridges
Don’t need Luda verses, bridges, chorus, codas, cot damn
Let me cool it now, these New Edition niggas dance around
Never sold a dream but still I keep a jealous girl in town
Got beats by the pound, niggas wanna dap me down
Say the yap get me pounds or the francs, or the euros
Touch down in your town spitting cocaine puro
I swear a nigga under investigation by the bureau
The art world reknowned, Murakami with the mural

[Spoken Rant – Chris]
C’mon dog I’ma tell you how I really feel
The way I really feel is, if you heard of us
Heard our music in 09, and you don’t fuck with us til 2010 when we on top
You’re a dick rider, you’re not a trendsetter
That’s really how I feel
But yo the beats, heat
The flow, heat
Y’all already motherfucking know
Listen to what the fuck we saying
Dave, what kind of heat you got?

[Verse – Dave]
The flow, summertime in Tucson, L’Overture like Toussaint
Stunting like Howard I’m more Josh than Juwan
Rap niggas numbers inflated like Chris Duhon
Trap niggas wonder he brother, brick, or neutron
Jimmy but the Semi on my side, no Akeem
Rockets for niggas after my pockets, Yao Ming
Center of attention, the letter N, capital
I, G, G, A, the ER, that’s ER
If hip hop dead call me Igor
If hip hop bread is the measurement in 09, I’m Lyor
Cohen, semi colon, they money is Seth Rogan
Put the b in subtle, that there is the best slogan
Look at me and wonder how he came this far
From moving units in St. Louis like Famous Barr
To influence and make music with famous stars
Its all in a day’s work, bitch the game is ours

[Spoken Rant – Chris]
Nigga aint really got to say too much more after that, nah mean
But we got a whole album coming up for you, ya know
In case you missed the last joint
In case you slept on the Members Only mixtape
In case you never been to paxtonavenue
Dot com that is
You listening now
We gon go ahead and give you a quick little recap of what we was on last year

[Bridge – Scratched Samples]
[Chris] My apologies I’m all star pedigree
[Dave] Product of the 80s baby, its showtime
[Dave] On my grind
[Chris] You can find me doing me in the Chi on Aberdeen
[Dave] Condo in the capital nigga that scene awesome
[Dave] I’m a bad lil nigga so sue me
[Chris] Coming straight up out the Chi
[Dave] Born in Blue I right outside of the city
[Chris] No fat, no filler in between grade A
[Dave] Dave Hollywood
[Chris] It’s the Paxtons baby!
Track Name: Bread And Water (Syntax)
[Verse – Dave]
You know I never had the fever for the flavor of another
Other than the quotation that I uttered, butter for the nonbelievers,
Leave a spread from Chicago to the Land O’ Lakes
Engine number nine, pilot tryna get my landing straight
But I gotta eat, tryna get my sandwich straight
Leaving bread on the parkay, how that sandwich taste?
Gotta roll, no X, no martyr,
On the terrace of Lorraine, mighty healthy like margarine
Shedd no tears, main squeeze bottle shape body
Spread so fierce, thoroughbred legs so thick
So I went against the grain for the main course
Dinner never came so I’m feeling like main source
A little olive oil for the dipping
And I’m looking at the door as she cleaning off the dishes
I was cooking for four, now they clearing out the kitchen
Just a little food for thought for the niggas and the bitches

[Hook – Chris & Dave]
I never meant to go over your head
But you know I gotta sing my song
Niggas swear hip hop aint dead
But the feeling been dead and gone
So let me blow something back and drink my hen
The show must go on and on my friend
So I’ma keep shining til the spotlight dims
You wanna ride nigga hop on in

[Refrain – Dave]
[Cmon we gon] ri-iii-iide
[Don’t you know] ri-iii-iide
[C’mon we gon] ri-iii-iide
[One more time we gon] ri-iii-iide
[C’mon c’mon]

[Verse – Chris]
I never made a song cry but the beat broke when I struck it
Can I kick it [Yes you can] Well I’ma go in, fuck it
Two tears in a bucket gotta sprinkle a little bit
On the track when I touch it so you feel me like water
For the chocolate [Sweet] make it rain on the beat
Look for cops in ponchos, it aint Weezy Wee
Its ya daily dose of me, Cee, take two of those
And wash it down with the flow, I’m gifted
And I’m turn it into some liquid – assets
The Cash is Clay for the making, never box me in
My corner rehydrate me, kicks Liu Kang
Beat bang can’t out bass me, my “boom kat kat”
Erratic like Art Blakely, crash, splash killer
Camp Crystal Lake ‘em, the flow super ugly
Kinda looking like Jason, now the hoes really love me
Cuz I’m looking like paper, causing precipitation in the strangest places

Track Name: Just Tonight (Vagary) Feat. RAtheMC, AP & TeLuv
[Hook – TeLuv]
I feel your eyes on me
And I’m willing to let you do anything
Cuz I want you. I know you want me
So baby
We can get [get] it on and on [on]
All through the night until the morning

[Verse – The Paxtons]
[Dave] Live from the Chi but reside in the district
Arrive on time but the line here vicious
Wait over Fly Lounge, Layover Monday
Station Nine Saturday, hangover Sunday
[Chris] After work Monday, call up this young thing
Hit her last weekend wingman stunt game
Like "look ma, I don’t mean to be rude
Dave whispered to your girl I’m just hollering at you"
Now true, it was the other way around
But if both of em go, this West Coast going down [productions!]
She say "that aint my friend, that’s my boo"
I said "well shorty swing my way and bring her too"
[Dave] Now I was living single like Khadijah in nine trey
My girl got a girl like Latifah and Shante
Since that’s all Chris then you should come with
But she told you don’t know like Alicia & Kanye

[Verse – RaTheMC]
Now he was coolin in Vuitton, cigar in his palm
No chick on his arm, so I knew that it was on
He was meant for me, a gentleman
Drinks came complimentary, he sipped the Hennessey
Me I sipped the Nuvo, cuz you know
I gotta be aware and I can’t be played for pujo
He said Ra I wanna take a trip where you go
I said love, maybe we can fly to Pluto
10 Deep leather, G-Shock wrist wear
Next season’s line, I’m in midair
Oh yeah I’m so sincere
Said you missing love, but love been here
So check it why’ont you write down your number
Maybe we can chill in the summer, saw you came
Through in the throwback hummer [hummer]
I can dig it, I swear I feel sumn like


[Verse – AP]
Shorty I done been around the world, seen a lot of places
Met a lot of ladies and I really lack the patience
For convo - sation, if you throw it at me
I’ma need that pronto, later for the waiting
Freak in the sheets til your knees get to shaking
Beat then proceed with the skating, gone
Off to the next city, whisper to the mayor
Thinking shorty wanna holla, holla, holla at a playa, and she said

[Bridge – TeLuv]
All I want is you just for one night
Don’t be shy come through we can get right
All I want is for you to be all mine
Just this time, just for tonight

[Refrain – TeLuv & Takiyah Butler]
Just tonight, just for tonight, I can do any and everything you like
Just tonight, just for tonight, I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine
Track Name: Free My Mind (Purgation)
[Verse – Dave]
Christened David Kenneth no baptism, the product
Of my father’s ambition, hustle hard to the finish
And I’m playing to win no kidding bid whist
Bidding five uptown for the kiddy and I’m one suited
Five to the crown and I’m hitting like a jump shooter
This is my art and I’m Sun Tzu, this is my ark
Nigga one, two, Noah of the flow-ers not Hov
I don’t do what they wan do, I float
From open to end joe, lo and behold
These niggas open and end quote my style until they choke
Though it ain’t about the swagger, I’d rather they have had it
And lost than to never have mattered at all, so
I find myself at a crossroads, be mad at em
For having ambition to pass my past
Or have at em consider em competition and surpass
Give em twenty six miles, I outlast
Defending my crown, come out fast, outcast in my wonder years
Eighties baby, babied by my momma never shed a tear
Had to make it here for that, never felt fear
Til they said my pops probably wouldn’t see another year
And I ain’t really feel the rain til it down poured
Momma praying for another miracle in South Shore
Thus I gotta make it, put my niggas in the Shore Club
South Shore Social on vacay --- sure nuff

[Hook – Sample]
I gotta free my mind – As a matter of fact
I gotta free my mind – We aint going out like that
I gotta free my mind – We got the power to stay
I gotta free my mind – Other rappers they went slip-sliding away

[Verse – Chris]
Ayo I fantasize like what if I aint have to worry bout
The way the world is going, rent checks steady coming
Doors to all my goals swung open, counting all the foreclosures
Something telling me Obama aint the only one hoping
Lets keep it all in focus, the hood is like an opus
Nah, moreso a chain gang banging fantasia
Throwing sets and colors flagrant, False flaggers violated
Roll the dice, six eight ‘em, beat the odds I made it
Plus I figure, since I made it try and change it
Put the odds in favor, lets start with education
Yeah, brothers and folks out the Chi is stressed
How many cop degrees coming out the CPS?
Check. I can’t call it like 976
And yes, it was written like Nas ever since
My moms missed her cycle I was destined for this
So I guess I’ll just be easy ain’t no reason to stress [I gotta]

Track Name: Theme Music (Malaise)
[Verse – Chris]
They said he couldn’t do it steady telling me to stop it
Like fuck it joe, you should drop it instead my attitudes
Like shoes when I be shopping, fuck it joe I’ma cop ‘em
Promised my momma houses, promised my pop I’ll never stop
Until I get it popping, failure is not an option
Promised I’ll never let you down, look momma I got this
If I ever said I’ma do it, I done did it
If I aint done it, I’ma get it, if I aint
On the road to get it I aint living, I aint budging I aint giving
Nigga fuck it I am living, cop a condo in the capital
Condo at the crib off Chicago Avenue
Gotta get it how I live for the kids in 2022
I aspire for a penthouse floor
In the Spire, none higher, I am NASA I am flyer
Than your Leer, I am Mir, I’m in orbit, you are Norbit
You are weird, I aint Will but I am legend, I am present
I am here, hold up never fear, I am
Darkwing Duck to your kids or you eighties babies
I am mandingo to you ladies, Robin Hood for all you old
Sherriff Sherwood haters, nigga bye, nigga later
Fast lane I get over, all you lames catching odors
Of the vapors in the trails of my blazers, blaze trails
Get out my way, matter fact get out my lane or stay way,
way back, I am kicking up dust it aint safe get out my wake
‘Fore they see you at your wake, I am Cee
Nigga please don’t sleep stay awake, before you meet
The cousin of awake’s opposite, I’m out to get the scales tipped
When measuring my excellence, swear the flow FEMA
No relief when I pitch, I’m a certified heavy hitter
National pinch, American designated, yeah slay it for the clinch
Touch base walk off with your chick, full swing
Pennant race and here’s a guaranteed hit

[Verse – Dave]
Heart of a champion, it can’t be done, I did it
Done it, better forever mentioned in the pantheon of winners
Wanted whether never written or recorded, caught em slipping
Carter, Dunnaman stutter, call ‘em Stunnaman or something
Caution Summerslam or stun em, coffin Son of Sam or snuff him
Killer on the reel like a snuff film nigga
Eight millimeters, I got a milli Mitas
That’s a eighth of my sneakers, I’m an ape, I’m a creature
And you ain’t you are neither, you get ate, you get ethered
Either or, renegaded on your feature fee for it
Innovative on that FIFA, feet forward, I’m accepted
Everywhere, flow VISA keep going on that Chinatown
To Philly, so free, the beard showing, no witness
Post bail, no sentence, no L’s, no Guinness
So Kells, I believe I can fly, Gotham City
Is my city on the El in the Chi, got them bitches
On the benches make it rain on em, where is Mr. Bentley
With my parasol, Paris or Tokyo, bitches
Carry grudges like Toshio, niggas carry crutches
If they want it with me, I will never budge come and get me
Squeeze until its empty, speaking of that heat
Under that front seat of that two-seater that you sheathe, nah
More like the heat up in the sleeve of your wallet of CDs
In the cockpit of your vehicle, nigga I will cock it and
Squeeze, I am Iron Man soaring over skyscrapers
Highway to heaven never dying I am flypaper
Stick and move, sick of niggas, sick of you, you ain’t said
Nothing slick to a can of oil and I am slipping through, you ain’t been
This gifted or this raw, in the winner’s circle, win it
For them winters in the Chi, When that wind chill was below
Five, we gon win it like that pennant race oh-five
If you with it put your winnings in the sky nigga, [What!]
Track Name: Atlas feat. TeLuv (Perspicacity)
[Verse - Dave]
I wish I was a little bit taller
Then maybe I would’ve practiced a little more harder
As a young nigga I had dreams of playing for them Hoyas
Til I started bulldogging hoes and retaining lawyers
Still I wanted to shop for clothers, pledge old gold
Had all of it, jagged the scholarship now they refi’ing the mortgage
Now we gotta hustle so that momma can afford it
Momma loan adjustable and now she can’t avoid it
Pause or eject and when that bitch reset
Game over, no more quarters, continue or cheats left
Continue with my agenda still washing sheet sets
Before my girl come over once the last freak left
Before I hurl, hung over from the last drink
Breath on ten from the night before
Chin to the sky as if the shits all well like a brim to the side
I was finna stress til I learned to live with regrets

[Hook - TeLuv]
I aint the one to be stressing bout nothing
Unless It’s bout the money you owe me
Cuz mama said the cream rise to the top
I’m on the grind cuz the top is so lonely
And I aint going back on nothing I’ma stand my ground
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
Get it how I live that’s how I get down
Down --- That’s how I get down

[Verse - Chris]
I wish I was a little bit taller
Then maybe I would’ve practiced a little more harder
As a young nigga I had dreams of playing for them Hoyas
Til I started bulldogging hoes and retaining lawyers
Cases, cases, cases, bottles, trips, court appointments
Had a couple of each before I could afford them
Shit aint never been sweet, but I’m seasoned to perfection
I swear these niggas confection, I’m over here in the kitchen
Cooking up success, hoping people will listen
Trying to better my best, I swear I’m my toughest critic so
Kick it up a notch, BAM! Look at my address, DAMN!
Look at how he dress, DAMN! Why he so so fresh?
Y’all niggas so so def, aint tryna hear nothing
But I got a golden ear and that’s germane to production
The only thing to fear is fear itself and that’s nothing
The only thing to fear is fear itself and that’s nothing

Track Name: Instant Love (Paradigm)
[Verse – Dave]
She love it, but she aint mi amor yet, I’m on here
Due to the streets and they support of me and mon frère
They all ears like martin with a bald head
But its snakes in the grass homie, I’m on my John Deere
Now everybody know a nigga like I’m on cheers
I ain’t a player but I’m crushing if you aren’t clear
And I really don’t save em but I’m questioning your heart dear
So dip or sit your ass down like lawn chair
She like what if I aren’t here, au contraire, no what if
Girl you wasn’t, if you want to play the field its nothing
I be on my New Edition, if it isn’t love
You be on that new religion, oh my god, when I’m in them guts
Cool it now baby I’m superstitious, bruises, stitches, cuts
Lead to scars I can’t explain and women superficial, thus
If the shoe don’t fit you struck, so if you don’t get enough
Of what you need from this relation, I’m complacent with that instant love

[Hook – Sample with Dave adlibs]
Instant Love [they give me]
Instant Love [uh huh]
[My gear is in and I’m in the in crowd]
[So all the wavy light skinned girls is feeling me now]

[Verse – Chris]
Back on the block like a runner or slave auction
But I never leave my fam and I aint running from nothng
Still I gotta get this cheddar tell my dreams I’m coming
Tell the streets I’m home, tell these women I’m still stunting
Come through killing the game like I’m a deer hunter
My dear, promise I’m here for a limited time only
And I gotta make time for the fam and the homies
The city got my heart, never forgetting where home is
They love me on the block so you know whenever I’m home its
Harolds and 40s, Taurus for the hoagies
Lake Shore Drive and I’m Southside roaming
Yeah he been gone, but you know I’m coming back
I been loving the block since legomaniacs
92nd where he at, 82nd is what raised me
Ask me bout the block [It’s the Paxtons baby!]
And I was born on Aberdeen so you know they always gave me

[Hook – Sample with Chris adlibs]
Instant Love [they show me]
Instant Love [uh huh]
[Streets want me to come back home]
[And you know when I heard that, when I was back home]
Track Name: LaLa feat. Brittany Packnett (Whimsy)
[Hook – The Paxtons]
[Dave] You know what I’m on
Monday morn red eye, raw denim fetish
International dime, broke niggas jealous like
Laaa la laaaa --- la laaa
[Chris] You know what it is
Philly for the gear, DC the residence
Chitown the crib on the highway to heaven like
Laaa la laaaa --- la laaa

[Verse – Dave]
Fly as Marty Mac, back to the future
Whip game mean leave her back full of sutures
I rap if it suits ya, its fees for a feature
Kick game mean like FIFA
Free for the hoes no fees if she ride like hemi
No reload, fire like semi, so eagle
Fly like Cessna, high life yessir
Miller can fresh, money minute hand long
Nigga yes! Minuteman? Nah you pressed
Time spent baby I invest
As a three piece Suit maybe TP2 on deck
Followed by a little 3PC [OOOH]
Fresh that’s nothing, ask am I dressed for this function
I’d rather you undress into something
Yes, no dress code unless those unbutton
And I’ma work it out, no breaks, no lunching


[Verse – Chris]
You know I had to jump on it
Cant stop the spit like vomit
Can’t stop Chris like you put a "t" on it at the end
If I did it again, you’d call it the second coming
Hit a track running, know where I’m from its
C to the H to the I and I’m so Ill
With no fever my windy demeanor is so chill
The flow FEMA or pitch a complete game skill like
There's no relief in sight, you short like Money Mike
I hit em while you feed em cake like Ike
I’m checking em like Nike, you neck em and don’t pipe
Treat em like its February 14th every night
Damn, and that aint even your wife
Have some respect for yourself, get some standards for your life
Damn joe, and that aint even your wife
Have some respect for yourself, get some standards for your life


[Bridge – The Paxtons]
[Dave] So fly she can’t get down
So high we facing clouds
So I will show you how to
Flick after we break it down
[Chris] 606 on the zip code mayn
606 so the shit gon wang
Shit so sick from the fit to the kicks
When the beat go juke, and pop and bang
Track Name: Take You Home feat. Brittany Packnett (Quandary)
[Verse – Dave]
She love it when I beat it like a metronome in it
The boy keep her leaning like a methadone clinic
I let her go livid, but I let he know I’m living
In the fast lane and mashed til that letter O is given
She begging for that zone so I let it go for seven
Measure forty for a gram, bet it bring back eleven
Never short her on the math, she a addict for the pipe
Vaseline for the package baby, plastic for the white
Magic on the mic, never Magic overnight
But I spit that blue magic so that habit is her vice
Gotta have it on that Spike thang, she don’t want the cake
Like that Anna Mae and Ike scene and she ain’t overweight
So I let her hold the weight, but she she might relapse
If I let her have a taste, then she might be back
So I let her have a taste, play the corner in that quarter
Going deep in triple cover, now she want the d back

[Hook – Brittany Packett]
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love baby
Because I need you tonight

[Verse – Chris]
When she got me in the system, aint no telling
If the dick got her twitching, that’s why she be yelling
I be in her guts, she be spazzing out
No shit, she be taking it in large amounts
Spit game got her sprung, every bar’s an ounce
I give her sixteen, cuz she want me to (2) pound
Game full court pressure but I got her
In the zone, Johnny Depp to her Penelope the way
I get her blown, come correct so she telling me bout how
I got her gone, she been feenin ever since I put her on
Shit, she can’t help it if she hooked on Chris
She addicted to me, I’m on this music shit
Got a habit, gotta have it, so its hard to kick
Got an itch gon scratch it like the record skipped
I’m yo pusher, and I can give you a fix
Hey lover, friend, homie, I can be your one and only
Come and get a hit from me, shorty said now
Cuz she need me, she don’t want me, can’t stand the fact
She addicted to the donkey, she like the way I play
Monie when I’m in the center all in her, when I put it
In the air like Mary J she say my love’s no limit
I could get it like I had three wishes --- unh
What she don’t know is that I give it better than I get it
And she admitted to be specific, she singing


[Verse – Dave]
I can’t believe it --- but she can’t either
See baby girl hooked like a T-Pain feature
She can’t go without, so I let her play house
Like DJ Pharris, is something in your mouth?
Nah Dion Farris, so speechless I seen this before
You need this to ween the withdrawal, I mean
It’s twelve steps or twelve play
She cardiac kid coming back like Elway
Its Pontiac, Benz, hovercraft, or El Train
If shorty wanna ride its fair game, she party all the time
Like Eddie and Rick James, you’re addicted to the d honey
But ain’t a muhfuckin thing funny

Track Name: Still Waiting feat. Oscar Wao (Juxtaposition)
[Verse – Chris]
Unh, here I come baby back to the Chi, gotta get home for the 3rd of July
Know I gotta ride down Lake Shore Drive, end of the night as I’m headed back south
Look to the left, see the sunrise, I put aside all the balling shit
Been around the world and back again, yeah, shown love every city I’ve been
Still the summertime Chi keep my high on ten, from South Shore growing up, riding the six
Through Hyde Park, these niggas is under the five, I fucks with the niggas that’s
Under the six, I aint really on shit, just rapping and shit, tagging and shit
Lil hip hop nigga backpacking jeah, never sold no packs, aint packing shit
Never felt like the block had trapped me here, only all love when I get back in
Had to move away to make them ends, but I promise baby I’ma be back again
Put that on whatever, I know I seem fair-weather
You give me the cold shoulder, I head south for the winter
Let nature take its course, we’ll be getting back together
When you warm up to me, bet I’ll be back like I never left ya
I been, missing you babe so when I go downtown
Know it aint just for the taste, I cant wait

[Hook – Oscar Wao]
I’m still waiting for you to come back home
So we can live this life, you’ve been dreaming of
So don’t wait, another day might be too long
Go slow so nothing goes wrong

[Verse – Dave]
Now you know its been a minute since I been back home, I been got on, though I’m independent nigga been got grown
Made a home in the Lou, doing shows on U, but I’ll never leave my girl like that Ben One song
And I never broke a fitted, spoke lit on stone for the brothers or the folks but I’m known
From the hundreds to the low and she know I’m finna blow like a Hundreds fitted, so when I’m coming back its on
Know in the summer that she gon let a nigga get a taste, I’m accustomed to gear unknown
So custom, flight delays customary it varies whether in London or Rome but at home I’m straight
But she don’t understand that the home I stay got a nigga making moves so the whole mind state
Gotta get it how I live from the capital to NY, then ride down on the whole tri-state, please
Don’t get it tweaked joe I can’t turn back on the go, I was raised up in South Shore
House on Paxton, right off in between Leon and Food Basket, writing my name
From Hyde Park to Madison, I-Park to Matteson, kick it up a notch at the jew-town maxing
Low end theory on King Drive, swing by Leaders, Phli, nigga I’m a geek for the fashion
High school flicking for the freaks on Jackson, ITunes haters can’t speak like caption
Do it for the whole seven-seven on Luella, Ced Lex, Skech 185 what’s happening
Gee and DG uptown what’s cracking, Do and Sleepy in the lou, get at me
C-City, Triple SC and last not least lil cuz rest in peace


[Bridge - Chris]
Shouts out nine deuce, nine trey, Aberdeen, mad shouts out to my uncle J. Bodeen
Matter fact shouts to the whole PBO team, Tone J, Bruce Diddy, Deon, Timmy G
Drakey, Keith, Tom, Mike B, whatup Marshon nigga rest in peace
Trell what up, Herm what up and my niggas on 92nd place what up
Meel what up, Joe Nate what up, Von what up, BJ what up
Aaron, Scooter, James whatup and my nigga Chi Chi off May what up!
Track Name: Smoke (Catharsis)
[Hook – Sample]
I wanna roll, wanna chief, wanna smoke me a blunt
I wanna get fucked up
Wanna smoke, wanna choke
Wanna get fucked up

[Verse - Dave]
Who the fuck is this blowing up my phone like
Six in the morning, crack of dawnin
Headache on cuz I barely got a nap on Sunday morning, with a bitch
Under me snoring, tigos in the air, oh boy, I get a visitor
At my door and she wanna know why the thang locked
Why I did not call last night or answer when her name popped
Up on my caller ID, the one thats red, call her wifey, the one in bed
Call her my freak, how I get up out of here, call it my g
You already know how the game go, tuck shorty in, got dressed in the sweater from the night before
Laptop on, pull up Word 03 and started typing slow
Mashed on the QWERTY like I fell asleep working
Wife still outside kirking but the scene set perfect
Damn! Baby girl I just woke up, forgot to call cuz I got tore up
I’ma tell you like a nigga told me, that yellow bone joint in my bed, so what
That’s Debbie friend you already know her, I was sleep in the chair how could I bone her
We should get up out of here, take a walk fresh air, when the coast is clear I gotta roll up

[Verse – Chris]
Look its my little dip, calling me at one twenty-six
In the morning, I answer my phone and
Unh, to my surprise, it’s a nigga on my line
Asking me if I’m hitting his chick and why
I just text her phone at one twenty five in the morning
Talking bout her coming over, going tough guy over the phone
On some "don’t call her no more, nigga if you do..." now if you do, then I say "hold up
Nigga if I do and then what? Come see me in Virginia"
He asks me where I’m at, I give him his home address
Tell him I aint the nigga to test, now give him the chance to get it in check
Like "this tough guy shit really aint yo lane, what you really wanna know is if I fucked yo dame
Listen my dude lemme give you the game, a real nigga is what a bitch nigga aint
A real nigga do what a bitch nigga can’t, let me hip you to some of this pimpin my mayne
Never check a nigga, nigga check yo bitch, never give a nigga power to get in yo head
Though I never hit ya chick, I could say I did," now what this dude aint know
Is that she already let me poke, its to be sold not to be told, now roll

[Spoken Conversation – The Paxtons]
[Dave] That’s wild as shit joe
[Chris] I know right
Shit, just dropping some real rap on these motherfuckers
[Dave] Got to
[Chris] I wish the fuck I would call up another nigga and ask if he hit my chick
[Dave] Exactly my nigga, exactly
[Chris] That shit blew the fuck outta me, true story

Track Name: Closing Credits (Denouement)
[Verse – Chris]
Pause for the action, lights, camera flashing
Show your titties ma, it’s The Paxtons that’s whats happening
Rerun niggas want verses spit last year
We new millennium you niggas so last year
I aint talking twenty-shit, we three stacks, Dre’s class here
This is real rap y’all cartoon graphics
Xbox 720, y’all Turbo Grafix
16’s kill em nigga, yeah come and get em
Cuz I put you on your ass like Derrick vs. Miller
[Unh] Now lets get back to the spitting
You niggas need assistance, like CP
I drop dimes, post and pivot, yeah I keep it moving
Stay moving forward, my back’s to your future
Catch up nigga ‘fore I throw down like a pick 6
End zone nigga [whoop] some Chris Berman shit
Thinking you gon’ stop me I’m like Clay Davis, sheeeeeeeit

[Hook – Sample]
You can’t turn me away
In your heart, I always want to stay

[Verse - Dave]
The bridge is over like Kris Parker
I’ma Chris Partlow the beat and leave it where Chris parked it
Finish like Chris Paul then, I’ll be coming home again
Like Chris Martin, beach chair and beers
To cheers and cristal in here --- a toast
To the man of the year like Time cover, revered
Like I rode through boston in command of a steer
Like the British are coming, nigga hit the track running
That’s similar to an ipecac stomach or Usain
The sample spare parts, but the flow that’s loose change
The engineer put me in the pocket so I told em
That I love DC but the Chi is my true claim
Before your boy blow like a brick of that ofay
Nigga we getting up like them stickers from Obey
Or Tip in the ’08, the DMV love it
Like a whiff of that Old Bay [It’s The Paxtons baby]