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Bang Wit Us featuring Sulaiman & Skech185

from by The Paxtons

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Toast to those dopes, who quote like slow pokes and choke like old folks on oats when joe spoke. The blokes that blow smoke approach with with no coats. Since I’m cold, they froze when that flow hit absolute zero. I’m a walking hip-hop hero. Burn this shit down like nero. Everybody winning’s really everybody we know. You looking unfamiliar nigga, where’s your ID tho? It’s not my ego, I swear. I had to get away from all them bitches in Rocawear. So tell them people waiting for the prophet, I am here. And I don’t need a chain to proclaim my diamond glare. Long as I’m flying clear, you can hate forever on the ground; in your itty bitty house in your shitty little town. Punch a nigga in the nose if he really wanna clown. Fuck a hater, see you later, nigga sit yo ass down.

Boy I'm in the city sittin pretty but the flow pretty ugly. Pretty boy Floyd Mayweather with the money, so I sidestep bitches like a bishop, no gumby. Unless they are fucking. otherwise, she gon have her hands in her pants, al bundy. Fire marshall bill bitch! Lemme tell ya shumching. Pause with that hater shit. Lame niggas nothing. Later for them hoes, naysayers and them fake niggas fronting. I am after one thing, maybe three; Naked on south beach with Amerie, Coronas and sunscreen. SPF 40 (check). fresh PF Flyers in the Duffle with the checkered monogram, that's stunting. They already know that's LV, Unless you miss the minor details like LCD. in the hills with a lc, d cup, two girls. City never sleeps, call it LV, cool world. Animated. the cake calling, I Anna Mae it. Brother’s keeper both names on the annotation. Dark days, bright nights for the admiration. Five figure for the show this the affirmation

You fucking with me; that’s the blackened wings of a fallen angel calling for a burning cherub in ash clouds mangled whatever makes me laugh hardest. (Dear victim) Blame your legs for your half hearted attempt at not being a bitch. Smoking stumps for limbs, forgetting where your path started. (Think happy thoughts kid) Seen your swagger switch to kindling, dwindling, concept of winning married the ground with a backwards fist and a psa to the onlookers about the wrath of lizards, but only half are gon get it: hide your ho from us, pretend you never spoke to us (Thats non-fiction) Look! you’re not that strong, your strong’s not that fresh, your fresh is all done wrong, ie you’re not that skech! I work the drawbridge between “aw shit!” and not human. So when most lungs crumble, I’m not moving. This is humble at it’s most mcintyre ways to make to you act the same when you get there. (Practice) I been doing this since mountains were introduced to thin air. At the fountainhead or the youth well, with antique weapons attached. Floating on the back of a griffin strangling him with the thinnest of witch hair.

Tin man status with the burden of Atlas. Look what comes with being far better than average. And that's an understatement but I'm tryna stay classy. Fuck it. No room for classy when you cooking up classics. Chef's up in the kitchen with naked bitches to bag it. To bag bitches is simple but that aint where the cash is. Yeah, trill niggas know the motto. The cheddar chase I'd the quickest way to get women to follow. How I get they head gone? Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Ichibad Crane game dangerous. Dope dick drive em crazy like angel dust. Let her know, "I'm from The Go. Bitch, bang wit us!" No line at the door if you came with us. Hope you ate something first if you drank with us. Get down like Rick Hunter. Throw shots, don't chase em. Never save em. I'm Mario Lemieux style, skating.


from The Manhattan Project, track released September 7, 2010
(C. Butler, D. Giles, S. Shabazz, W. McIntyre). Produced by The Paxtons & Mr. Garr. Recorded by The Paxtons, New York, NY & Chicago, IL. Mixed by Zacharias Wise Depth Charge Studios, Alexandria, VA. “Bang Wit Us” Samples “Duty Free” by Janko Nilovic.


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The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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