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I be saying that shit that’ll have you talkin bout i dont want no mo. Earned my spot, my knot, im hot, and they wonder why i dont stunt no ho. Been had shine, been had struggle, been had grind, know we hustle, did my time, know we humble, been had it all like jose hustle. been bad. I aint said shit funny like sinbad. Ima get this money then spend that. wont save no bitch, hands too full tryna save these kids. Glass half full, ima take that sip, fill it back up then seal it back up. When the lord aint lookin ima finish that cup. Fuck waitin my turn ima take that shit, knowing these fuck niggas hate that shit. I dont give a fuck nigga play my shit. What you eat dont make me shit. if you had my spot you’ll waste that shit. make rap make that pop in a few states. Slang that make back dollar or two, then take that make fan follow it too. Yeah, take that make label holler at you. sign contract make that profitable then maybach? NAW! Aint no way ima make back blood, sweat, tears, girls, family and friends i lost. Aint no way i would take back love and cheers even if i knew it cost everything i love. But they say rome wasn’t built in a day.

Ok I clearly have a blessing so luck happenings no question. Been doin this for a second. No second guessing at present, I'm just showing you the method. the madness is like a present handed down from the heavens. Above everything, I'm stressing that my words to be respected. Write em down and dissect it, so profound on the second, third listen you might get it, see what I spitted, and only then take away the image I projected. I'm open to all questions. See its all about perception. Now step back, take a look at the big picture that I'm etching. Currently in the grand scheme of things I'm betting that you're doubting our progression will garner any attention. But I promise, by the ending they gon have to mention us when speaking of the legends who spit heat whenever checking mics for crowds or in a session. See right now you think I'm trippin or just gassin shit for listens and I know its just opinion, but they tryna get lucky; I'm past pulling bitches. I'm winning, hittin licks and stayin down and never givin up. You say you're listening, I swear y'all aint hearing us. I'll say it once more, make sure I make it clear enough. I run this shit and burn it down, you aint got that now, then give it up.


from The Manhattan Project, track released September 7, 2010
(C. Butler, D. Giles, E. Dillard). Beat by Diplo. Recorded by the paxtons at 3D, New York, NY. Mixed by Zacharias WISE at Depth charge Studios, Alexandria, VA. Spoken Vocals by Sleep E. “Caesar” Interpolates “Caesar remix” by I Blame Coco.


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The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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