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Five Dollars featuring Sincere DaVinci

from by The Paxtons

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[Chris] Niggas talkin loud but they aint said shit. I aint never did nothing but praise God and my clique. I'm just puffing on my loud, breaking bread, hitting licks. Breaking bread, hitting licks. Breaking bread, hitting licks. Just a habit when I step up in the kitchen. Table manners in the presence of these women. Table manners? Who the fuck am I kidding? I'm a savage when I'm eating competition. Automatic when I'm at it. Rock mics no Scottie. No Gladys. Yall niggas aint Pippen. I done had it with these bitch ass niggas gettin all up in their feelings for a little attention. Did I mention, if its tension, I'm a pull it on tracks... Extension. On my pimp shit. I'ma pull it. Throw it back. I been hit. More fish like Ghost. Get face. Get ghost. Thats tears for the hoes but cheers when I toast to the assholes in here. Here's to the host that's Sincere. That nigga will make your scene skip. So stick to the script or get a full clip. Better keep it on disc or your whole flick could just end here. Yeah we in here. I don't goon too much but I'm endeared... to the hearts and the minds of the people so peep how the young man from the Go, IL... walk through the hood with no fear. What's that? Ok then. No Pill. No smiles. Lips sealed when I'm out. Just a colon and an X for your mouth bitch. No pills. Like Bun's next joint, I'm 4 Trill. Yall mogs got on with no skill. Yeah right. Yall rappers aint trappin. I'm bettin ya blow deal's when you trickin your advance and your projects trash and your sound scan numbers is old Gil. Yall mogs aint really said shit.

[Sincere] I'm the heart of the regime, I'm the balls of the brigade, pause. Niggas wanna test the squad them bullets they get sprayed off. Everybody gangsta grillin, homie what the drama for? Cop the lawyer with the same motives I cock the llama for. Bandwagon is almost full, last call, all aboard. Always in some beef, what you expect less from a carnivore? I'm bout it. Come and see me if you wanting all the facts. Matter fact, scrap yo tracks, all them old artifacts. You aint got the heart to clap stop laying down lies on these bars and wax, I'm in these streets. Spitting sixteens way before I heard a rap. Songs, you know hot as shit, and the flow be cold as fuck. If you don’t know me by now well homie you should know this much. If she say she had me in the past, I dont know this smut. I aint got no enemies cuz I dead them before the grow to such. So you gon have to notice us, cuz everywhere we go the hoes they notice us, we dont make it rain in the strip club they throw dough at us.

[Dave] They stole it, I rented it, then vogued it then tinted it. Then poed, then blowed, then drove slow thru yo tenement, slow as a life on ritalin. Clothes is Alife on Rivington. Flow is alike no one or unh you might find one but I bet he aint quite as riveting. Naw, aint many worth mentioning in the same vein. Gotta nice ring to it... Dwayne Wade. Lens snap on a nigga... Dwayne Wayne. Stay superman high... Dean Cain man. On a island boss, de plane plane. Turn the sirens off, on fire, or fine, or fly or die bitch bang (bitch bang bang) My eyes low, and that weed stankin. I'm fly joe and yo seats taken and she's taken if cee take it, mile high be the limit, nigga seats vacant. Shall I speed up in it, no cee stained it. No sleep to Brooklyn, cheesecake it. See I don't need Juniors, and we don't need rumors so ima slow it down no speed racer. No freestyles, no cliches, no cheap virals, no leak trailers. No free favors, no fee waivers, no free features, no lease laters. No switch siders, no dick ryders, no dick liars, no seed chasers. No games, no lames, mo fame, mo change, mo planes, champagne, mo weed papers.


from Avenue: A, released September 6, 2011
(C. Butler, D. Giles, E. Jones), produced by Urban Legendz, bass by Ben Lindell, recorded at Studio 284 in Brooklyn NY by Chris of The Paxtons, mixed by Zacharias Wise at Depth Charge Studios in Alexandria VA.


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The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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