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Grow Up

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[Chris] I don't know if ever I'll stop playing and grow up. I know a nigga bad. Just imagine if I blow up. Quite the familiar tune. Not some shit that I just wrote up. All around the world same song hope they show up. Sold out shows, suites, paper, hoes, roll up. Blowin out smoke, backs, tires, doin donuts. Live fast. Die young at heart never slow up. Stories for the kids and they kids when they grow up. Tellin em about the wild shit we did back in 01. Story of my life not some shit that I just wrote up. Funny even now as I jot down and po' up, hoping the shit I wrote’ll be the story of my come up. I wonder if I live it how I seen it 'fore I woke up. Eyes wide shut. Still dreamin. Yup. So what. Denying the inevitable disappointment but, hold up. Failure's not an option. I promised my people so much. Banking on the future since I'm struck in the present. Still attached to the past holding on to my investments. Potential was the only thing I had to bet with. Tomorrow’s on the table just to call against the big chips. Shootin for the stars. What's the odds that I hit a lick. Told mama college was the fallback so fall back. Flew away from home and promised I'd never crawl back. But the question is, when get done with all that... Would you do it all over? Or play the crib like a fuckin victrola? Damn. Now aint that some shit for ya? To wake that ass up and I aint talkin bout Folgers. The type of shit to catch up with you nights you aint sober. Would you trade moments with fam who are no longer here for a chance to chase a little longer, a dream it seems you deferred yo student loans for? You know the facade but you don't understand homeboy... This mog could pull a Kanye and go nuts. But he don't have that luxury cuz don't nobody know us. Damn. Don't nobody know us.

[Dave] Stared at his picture, took a last drink of liquor. And I’m the spitting image on his last day living. Funny thing is bout the last eight minutes, I was praying God take him cuz that lab aint living. Knew it’d be the last on my last day to visit. daddy heart barely beating, last thing was his liver. Spirit in the air, I aint shed a single tear til I made it to the wake and seen his last name printed. Mine right in front of it. Mind on some other shit. Last of his litter so my mind set on running shit. Boy meets world, no girl on my arm and corey father made it so I’m feeling like sean. Swore I had property in Philly like Shawn, cuz i’m in and out they city like I’m in and out they jawns. Been feeling all skitish like an intermission song. Put me on intermission, need an intervention called. I aint really dealt with it since my nigga been gone so I’m tryna fill that hole filling holes on these broads. Do I even feel these hoes? Hell naw! So its Philly for the night, new york city in the morning. She told me I was running from my problems. But I don’t think confronting em gone solve it. And I don’t even trust her since we parted so I can’t even muthafuckin call it. X’s and O’s turn to exes and hoes so pardon if you feel some way about me feeling on guard.. You slid to that nigga just to spite me and we both know you’ll never find another nigga lile mie. And you don’t know if ever I’ll stop playing and grow up. She know a nigga bad, just imagine when I blow up. Just imagine when I blow up, but what’s a fucking grammy when my daddy can’t show up? Cousin in a gravie and his daddy is a smoker, aunt died starving on the bathroom floor, and my mama pressure high cuz the family is tore up. I’m tryna be a man, just imagine when I blow up.


from Avenue: A, released September 6, 2011
(C. Butler, D. Giles), composed by Urban Legendz, instrumentation & programming by Hayling, bass by Tyrone Jackson & John Daise, arranged by The Paxtons, recorded & mastered at Studio 284 in Brooklyn NY by Chris of The Paxtons, mixed by Ben Lindell at Lindell Productions in New York NY.


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The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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