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Opening Credits (Villification)

from by The Paxtons

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[Verse – Chris]
I say its real up in the bitch, I pray these skills a’ get me rich
Ok for real, so even if, these spitting skills don’t get me shit
You can bet yo ass I’m still blast this glass ceiling when I lift off
Blast from my launching pad, a pen and pad, my bad
I mean this QWERTY I be using, blackberry for my musing
Putting verses to my music, don’t be scared I aint gon do ya
But I’ma murder whatever’s moving [C, don’t hurt em] I’ma bruise em
Chop and screw em, no T Pain, C. Butler not Bridges
Don’t need Luda verses, bridges, chorus, codas, cot damn
Let me cool it now, these New Edition niggas dance around
Never sold a dream but still I keep a jealous girl in town
Got beats by the pound, niggas wanna dap me down
Say the yap get me pounds or the francs, or the euros
Touch down in your town spitting cocaine puro
I swear a nigga under investigation by the bureau
The art world reknowned, Murakami with the mural

[Spoken Rant – Chris]
C’mon dog I’ma tell you how I really feel
The way I really feel is, if you heard of us
Heard our music in 09, and you don’t fuck with us til 2010 when we on top
You’re a dick rider, you’re not a trendsetter
That’s really how I feel
But yo the beats, heat
The flow, heat
Y’all already motherfucking know
Listen to what the fuck we saying
Dave, what kind of heat you got?

[Verse – Dave]
The flow, summertime in Tucson, L’Overture like Toussaint
Stunting like Howard I’m more Josh than Juwan
Rap niggas numbers inflated like Chris Duhon
Trap niggas wonder he brother, brick, or neutron
Jimmy but the Semi on my side, no Akeem
Rockets for niggas after my pockets, Yao Ming
Center of attention, the letter N, capital
I, G, G, A, the ER, that’s ER
If hip hop dead call me Igor
If hip hop bread is the measurement in 09, I’m Lyor
Cohen, semi colon, they money is Seth Rogan
Put the b in subtle, that there is the best slogan
Look at me and wonder how he came this far
From moving units in St. Louis like Famous Barr
To influence and make music with famous stars
Its all in a day’s work, bitch the game is ours

[Spoken Rant – Chris]
Nigga aint really got to say too much more after that, nah mean
But we got a whole album coming up for you, ya know
In case you missed the last joint
In case you slept on the Members Only mixtape
In case you never been to paxtonavenue
Dot com that is
You listening now
We gon go ahead and give you a quick little recap of what we was on last year

[Bridge – Scratched Samples]
[Chris] My apologies I’m all star pedigree
[Dave] Product of the 80s baby, its showtime
[Dave] On my grind
[Chris] You can find me doing me in the Chi on Aberdeen
[Dave] Condo in the capital nigga that scene awesome
[Dave] I’m a bad lil nigga so sue me
[Chris] Coming straight up out the Chi
[Dave] Born in Blue I right outside of the city
[Chris] No fat, no filler in between grade A
[Dave] Dave Hollywood
[Chris] It’s the Paxtons baby!


from WORK, released June 30, 2009
(C. Butler, D. Giles)
Published by South Shore Shore Social Club Music
Produced by The Paxtons
Recorded by The Paxtons at Suite 506
Bass by Tyrone Jackson
Mixed by Zacharias Wise at Depth Charge Studios, Alexandria, VA
“Opening Credits” samples “Let Me Put Love On Your Mind” by ConFunkShun and
contains elements of the motion picture “Clerks”


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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