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Smoke (Catharsis)

from by The Paxtons

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[Hook – Sample]
I wanna roll, wanna chief, wanna smoke me a blunt
I wanna get fucked up
Wanna smoke, wanna choke
Wanna get fucked up

[Verse - Dave]
Who the fuck is this blowing up my phone like
Six in the morning, crack of dawnin
Headache on cuz I barely got a nap on Sunday morning, with a bitch
Under me snoring, tigos in the air, oh boy, I get a visitor
At my door and she wanna know why the thang locked
Why I did not call last night or answer when her name popped
Up on my caller ID, the one thats red, call her wifey, the one in bed
Call her my freak, how I get up out of here, call it my g
You already know how the game go, tuck shorty in, got dressed in the sweater from the night before
Laptop on, pull up Word 03 and started typing slow
Mashed on the QWERTY like I fell asleep working
Wife still outside kirking but the scene set perfect
Damn! Baby girl I just woke up, forgot to call cuz I got tore up
I’ma tell you like a nigga told me, that yellow bone joint in my bed, so what
That’s Debbie friend you already know her, I was sleep in the chair how could I bone her
We should get up out of here, take a walk fresh air, when the coast is clear I gotta roll up

[Verse – Chris]
Look its my little dip, calling me at one twenty-six
In the morning, I answer my phone and
Unh, to my surprise, it’s a nigga on my line
Asking me if I’m hitting his chick and why
I just text her phone at one twenty five in the morning
Talking bout her coming over, going tough guy over the phone
On some "don’t call her no more, nigga if you do..." now if you do, then I say "hold up
Nigga if I do and then what? Come see me in Virginia"
He asks me where I’m at, I give him his home address
Tell him I aint the nigga to test, now give him the chance to get it in check
Like "this tough guy shit really aint yo lane, what you really wanna know is if I fucked yo dame
Listen my dude lemme give you the game, a real nigga is what a bitch nigga aint
A real nigga do what a bitch nigga can’t, let me hip you to some of this pimpin my mayne
Never check a nigga, nigga check yo bitch, never give a nigga power to get in yo head
Though I never hit ya chick, I could say I did," now what this dude aint know
Is that she already let me poke, its to be sold not to be told, now roll

[Spoken Conversation – The Paxtons]
[Dave] That’s wild as shit joe
[Chris] I know right
Shit, just dropping some real rap on these motherfuckers
[Dave] Got to
[Chris] I wish the fuck I would call up another nigga and ask if he hit my chick
[Dave] Exactly my nigga, exactly
[Chris] That shit blew the fuck outta me, true story



from WORK, released June 30, 2009
(C. Butler, D. Giles)
Published by South Shore Social Club Music
Produced by The Paxtons
Recorded by The Paxtons at Suite 506
Mixed by Zacharias Wise at Depth Charge Studios, Alexandria, VA
“Still Waiting” samples “I Wanna Smoke” by Gangsta Pat


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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