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Theme Music (Malaise)

from by The Paxtons

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[Verse – Chris]
They said he couldn’t do it steady telling me to stop it
Like fuck it joe, you should drop it instead my attitudes
Like shoes when I be shopping, fuck it joe I’ma cop ‘em
Promised my momma houses, promised my pop I’ll never stop
Until I get it popping, failure is not an option
Promised I’ll never let you down, look momma I got this
If I ever said I’ma do it, I done did it
If I aint done it, I’ma get it, if I aint
On the road to get it I aint living, I aint budging I aint giving
Nigga fuck it I am living, cop a condo in the capital
Condo at the crib off Chicago Avenue
Gotta get it how I live for the kids in 2022
I aspire for a penthouse floor
In the Spire, none higher, I am NASA I am flyer
Than your Leer, I am Mir, I’m in orbit, you are Norbit
You are weird, I aint Will but I am legend, I am present
I am here, hold up never fear, I am
Darkwing Duck to your kids or you eighties babies
I am mandingo to you ladies, Robin Hood for all you old
Sherriff Sherwood haters, nigga bye, nigga later
Fast lane I get over, all you lames catching odors
Of the vapors in the trails of my blazers, blaze trails
Get out my way, matter fact get out my lane or stay way,
way back, I am kicking up dust it aint safe get out my wake
‘Fore they see you at your wake, I am Cee
Nigga please don’t sleep stay awake, before you meet
The cousin of awake’s opposite, I’m out to get the scales tipped
When measuring my excellence, swear the flow FEMA
No relief when I pitch, I’m a certified heavy hitter
National pinch, American designated, yeah slay it for the clinch
Touch base walk off with your chick, full swing
Pennant race and here’s a guaranteed hit

[Verse – Dave]
Heart of a champion, it can’t be done, I did it
Done it, better forever mentioned in the pantheon of winners
Wanted whether never written or recorded, caught em slipping
Carter, Dunnaman stutter, call ‘em Stunnaman or something
Caution Summerslam or stun em, coffin Son of Sam or snuff him
Killer on the reel like a snuff film nigga
Eight millimeters, I got a milli Mitas
That’s a eighth of my sneakers, I’m an ape, I’m a creature
And you ain’t you are neither, you get ate, you get ethered
Either or, renegaded on your feature fee for it
Innovative on that FIFA, feet forward, I’m accepted
Everywhere, flow VISA keep going on that Chinatown
To Philly, so free, the beard showing, no witness
Post bail, no sentence, no L’s, no Guinness
So Kells, I believe I can fly, Gotham City
Is my city on the El in the Chi, got them bitches
On the benches make it rain on em, where is Mr. Bentley
With my parasol, Paris or Tokyo, bitches
Carry grudges like Toshio, niggas carry crutches
If they want it with me, I will never budge come and get me
Squeeze until its empty, speaking of that heat
Under that front seat of that two-seater that you sheathe, nah
More like the heat up in the sleeve of your wallet of CDs
In the cockpit of your vehicle, nigga I will cock it and
Squeeze, I am Iron Man soaring over skyscrapers
Highway to heaven never dying I am flypaper
Stick and move, sick of niggas, sick of you, you ain’t said
Nothing slick to a can of oil and I am slipping through, you ain’t been
This gifted or this raw, in the winner’s circle, win it
For them winters in the Chi, When that wind chill was below
Five, we gon win it like that pennant race oh-five
If you with it put your winnings in the sky nigga, [What!]


from WORK, released June 30, 2009
(C. Butler, D. Giles)
Published by South Shore Social Club Music
Produced by The Paxtons
Recorded by The Paxtons at Suite 506
Bass by Tyrone Jackson
Mixed by Zacharias Wise at Depth Charge Studios, Alexandria, VA
“Theme Music” samples “Never Know What You Can Do” by Leroy Hutson


all rights reserved



The Paxtons Brooklyn, New York

In an industry where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s easy to confuse instantaneous buzz with enduring success. Deriving their name from the block on the south side of Chicago where they were born and raised, The Paxtons strive to create timeless, genre-bending music that innovates without regard to the latest trends. ... more

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